Genshin Impact’s Traveler Anemo Burst can redirect some boss attacks

An Anemo Element Burst attack used by the Traveler in Genshin Impact can deflect and redirect some boss attacks, according to Reddit users.

An exploit that allows Genshin Impact Players to deflect boss attacks using an Elemental Burst have emerged online, giving users a new strategy when it comes to boss fights. The action role-playing game, featuring a visual style similar to Breath of the wild, has become hugely popular since its release last year thanks to its fast-paced combat and detailed open world.

Earlier this month, data miners discovered a collection of new weapons that are coming to Genshin Impact in the future. The leak apparently confirms that the upcoming 1.5 update will introduce a variety of 5-star swords, bows, claymores, and catalysts. However, it is currently unclear if all of these weapons will be added immediately with the new update or if they will have a staggered release. The update will also make various existing game characters playable for the first time.

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Players can redirect some boss attacks using a specific attack known as Gust Surge. The ability is an Anemo attack, which is strongly associated with the elemental power of the wind and is part of the Traveler’s move set. According to Redditor minmin293, using this particular elemental blast can block the Rhodeian laser beam in the character’s boss battle and send it off in another direction. Other Reddit users in the same thread suggest that other burst attacks can deflect lightning as well, including Venti, Sucrose, and Mona. The common theory among players as to why this happens is that the boss’s laser is likely enemy-encoded, meaning it is affected by elemental blasts.

Weather Genshin Impact has proven to be a success, it is not without controversy. In recent weeks, calls to boycott the free gacha game have grown louder as more users become aware of various controversial issues surrounding the title. These range from allegations that the title whitewashed various characters to the existence of NPCs who have alleged pedophile tendencies. Some players have also complained about the excessive costs associated with unlocking new content.

Genshin Impact continues to grow in popularity, which means these types of exploits are more likely to be discovered as the player base expands. This mechanic is likely to be fixed in the near future as it significantly changes the way players can defeat bosses that should be significantly harder to beat.

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Genshin Impact is available to download on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

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