Gilmore Girls: 10 Episodes That Prove Lorelai And Luke Were Soul Mates

Although the battle of Team Dean against Team Jess against Team Logan will continue among fans of Gilmore Girls In the years to come, there will be much more universality in Lorelai and Luke’s relationship. Most fans agree that they are and always were the end of the show and their best relationship story.

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As friends, lovers, and life partners, Lorelai and Luke have a host of moments throughout the show’s seven seasons that will make even the most cynical of soulmates believe in soul mates. Whether by actions or by words, these episodes really encapsulate how they were made for each other.

10 “Sorry and other things” – S1, E10 (and “I’d rather be in Philidelphia” S7, E13)

These two events occur six years apart, and the situations are very different between Luke and Lorelai. However, in both, he recovers from her.

Both episodes have Richard admitted to the hospital, and both have Luke rushing to Lorelai and Rory’s aid when he finds out. However, in the season 7 version, Lorelai is with an absent Christopher and had just broken Luke’s heart. Both episodes with Luke by Lorelai’s side, doing his best for her and her family, show the immense love between them.

9 “That damn Donna Reed” – S1, E14

Lorelai helps luke paint his restaurant in gilmore girls

“That Damn Donna Reed” is one of Luke and Lorelai’s most iconic episodes from the show’s early seasons, raising the question of the couple’s feelings as Lorelai helps Luke choose paint for the restaurant as the city watches. .

It’s the tension between the two that really stands out. Their chemistry is always outstanding, but you can cut the tension with a butter knife when the two of them are hiding behind Luke’s counter. The episode also sees Luke opening up to Lorelai, with her being the only person he’s comfortable enough with to talk about more personal things.

8 “Run away, kid” – S2, E9

Luke has had feelings for Lorelai for many years, something that is obvious to both the audience and the residents of Stars Hollow. He sat down and watched Lorelai go through quite a handful of partners, including a much younger guy in this episode right after her disengagement.

Sookie points out to Lorelai how hurt Luke is to see her go from being engaged to dating a random young man. Later, Lorelai goes to the restaurant when it’s closed and tells Luke how important and how he is in Lorelai’s life forever in one of the sweetest dialogue moments on the show. Lorelai’s speech and the fact that she can’t allow herself and Luke to be on bad terms shows how the two were soul mates, even if, at the time, things weren’t totally romantic.

7 “The Incredible Shrunken Lorelais” – S4, E14

Luke Presents Lorelai 30,000 - Gilmore Girls

While Luke is more stoic and quiet and Lorelai is loud and energetic, they are similar in that they both take care of things on their own, as independent people. They don’t let themselves be very vulnerable often, this episode being a rare example for Lorelai.

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Lorelai cries in Luke’s arms for needing money, being a failure, trying Sookie, and because of her and Rory’s inability to strike up a conversation. Luke comforts and helps her without hesitation. The way they can be so emotionally vulnerable and comfortable with each other is something they don’t share with anyone else, except perhaps Rory.

6 The last three episodes of season 4

“Luke Can See Her Face”, “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights” and “Raincoats & Recipies” is their own little Lorelai and Luke saga as the two finally start dating and share their first undreamed of kiss.

It begins when Luke realizes he has deep feelings for Lorelai and seeks guidance in a book and self-help tape, leading to the next episode where he invites Lorelai to Liz and TJ’s wedding, sharing an iconic dance with her before inviting her to participate in an actual event. date. It all culminates in the third episode where Luke attends the Dragonfly Inn audition, and everything from his gaze across the room, to the flowers, to his first kiss, is wonderful and shows how perfect the two of them were for. the other. moment one.

5 “Written in the Stars” – S5, E3

Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls first date horoscope

While the three episode finale of season 4 is perhaps the quintessential set of Luke and Lorelai episodes, arguably the show’s most romantic episode occurs at the beginning of season 5.

With Luke and Lorelai ready to start their love life together, Luke takes Lorelai to a restaurant that, that no one knows, frequents and loves. There he reveals the famous horoscope to Lorelai, which he saved from their initial meeting years before. It’s such a sweet moment as it proves that Lorelai was always the one for Luke.

4 “A house is not a home” – S5, E22

The end of season 5 / beginning of season 6 sparked the inevitable for Luke and Lorelai: a marriage proposal. Lorelai is always one of those who oppose social conventions, and it was she who proposed to him and it was an incredibly moving moment.

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Lorelai’s own proposal may be enough to consider this episode sufficient evidence of their soulmate status. However, the before and after show it even more. Luke was very excited that Rory left Yale and moved in with Emily before Lorelai asked the question and her immediate yes after proving once again how much she meant to him.

3 “To Whom It May Concern” – S7, E12

christopher reading lorelais lyrics - gilmore girls

Fast forward to season 7, and unfortunately, Luke and Lorelai are no more, with Lorelai instead married to Christopher, and Luke focused on his relationship with his daughter.

This episode sees Luke fight for joint custody of April, which her mother is trying to avoid. To help his case, Luke needs a character reference, and when Luke Danes needs something this important, of course, there is only one person he turns to. Lorelai ends up writing a beautiful character reference that details how amazing Luke is and how vital he is to her life; it’s enough for any fan to get teary-eyed. This letter was a catalyst for Christopher and Lorelai to leave him (thankfully), as well as a sobering reminder of how perfect Luke and Lorelai are together.

two “Lorelai? Lorelai?” – S7, E20

lorelai karaoke for luke gilmore

While Lorelai did it for a long time after breaking Luke’s heart, the season 7 finale saw her feelings flow back in heartbreaking ways.

While at Karaoke night in Stars Hollow with the attendance of many of the city’s fan favorite patrons, a drunken Lorelai takes the stage for her turn to sing, and as she does so, Luke arrives at the bar, the two of them They look into each other’s eyes and Lorelai sings painfully. , “I will always love you.” Not only do the townspeople realize that Lorelai is singing to Luke, but both Lorelai and Luke know it too and simply deny it.

1 “Have a good trip” – S7, E22

Lorelai and Luke get together forever and kiss at the end of Gilmore Girls' final Bon Voyage

Two episodes later, many fans got what they had been waiting for since the pilot episode. “Bon Voyage” marked the end of Gilmore Girls and the end of Rory’s time in Stars Hollow, but the restart of Luke and Lorelai’s life together.

Yes, the kiss and getting back together is an important part of how much you were soul mates and made for each other, but the real argument for that being the case comes first. The sheer amount of time, effort, and care Luke gave to giving Rory the perfect going-away party, despite all the obstacles, may have been the best fatherly moment ever. Gilmore Girls. So, Lorelai realizes what Luke has done, how much he cares, and how much she truly loves him. Soulmates are a divisive topic, but these two argue why they are wonderful.

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