Ginny and Georgia: 10 times the show addressed deep issues

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions on bullying, abuse, and self-harm.

With many trademarks of a good teen show, from a small town setting to a dating drama, it’s no wonder Netflix Ginny and Georgia has received so much attention. The story of a young mother who brings her two children to Wellsbury is compelling, and there is a mix of juicy stories and serious themes.

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The show is quite dark in tone and the characters fight in every episode. Ginny, Georgia, and their friends and love interests experience many difficult times both in the past and present, and this allows the series to examine important issues.

10 Intimidation

Ginny & Georgia's Austin Holds Up His Poster For A Class Presentation

Weather Ginny and Georgia Focusing on the mother-daughter bond, the show is also about Georgia’s son Austin and the tough times he faces at his new school.

Austin is bullied by a bad boy who thinks he’s different, and Austin bullies him by hurting him with a pencil. While bullying is often shown on television, especially in teen dramas, this is an approach that highlights how quickly a situation at school can turn violent. While Georgia is a good mother, she doesn’t mind Austin hurting another kid, which is a little weird.

9 Racism

Hunter and ginny at a house party - ginny & georgia

Racism is another serious issue that Ginny and Georgia deals with. Ginny is biracial and the show delves into her experiences. Hunter and Ginny have a big argument in the episode “Check One, Check Other” after Hunter wins an essay contest and Ginny loses because she performed a spoken poem instead of a traditional essay. Ginny knows that her teacher is racist as he treats her with disrespect when speaking in class and even mentions an offensive word and then says, “Right Ginny?” Hunter says he won the contest so the teacher is not racist. Hunter explains what it’s like to be half Taiwanese, and Ginny says she doesn’t understand how she feels. This is the fight that essentially ends their relationship, although more drama ensues after that.

When Ginny goes to the bathroom, she has an argument with Bracia, who supports her. Ginny has drama with her friends often and the show emphasizes that they don’t see things from Ginny’s perspective.

8 Abuse

Georgia Miller from Ginny & Georgia Smiles towards the camera while standing in front of her car

Fans are wondering how Georgia’s past will play out in season 2 when she murdered her second husband Kenny. Something terrible also happened to her first husband, a man she married so she could have a place to live and not get into trouble.

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Viewers learned that Georgia was abused as a child and that is why she ran away from home. He knew he had to get as far away from there as possible. Meeting Sion opened up a whole new world and when she got pregnant, she clung to that idea of ​​family. Unfortunately and tragically, Zion’s parents wanted to stay with Ginny, so Georgia had to leave again and fend for herself. Georgia is in a lot of pain and has trouble sleeping due to bad memories.

7 Shared parenting

Zion on ginny and georgia

Georgia and Zion have a strange but compelling way of being joint parents. While they seem to have a pretty positive relationship, they don’t seem to be in touch, and Zion seems to show up whenever he feels like it.

Georgia is caught between Zion and Paul, and knows that it is important for Ginny to have her father in her life. Georgia is definitely open to Zion being more present, but she also wants to be strong and independent, so there is often that tension there.

6 Running from your past

Nikki Roumel in Ginny & Georgia Season 1 on Netflix

From the very first episode, it’s clear that Georgia has a haunting and sad past and that she’s trying to put it behind her, but it probably won’t work out very well.

It appears that Georgia murdered both of her husbands, while trying to poison the man she married so she could live in her hotel, and she poisoned Kenny by putting a flower in his smoothie. The show examines what it’s like when someone has committed terrible crimes and escapes.

5 Negative body image and self-harm

Ginny Miller from Ginny & Georgia sits at her desk in class

Ginny and Georgia shows what it’s like to live with a negative body image every day. Abby is having a hard time with her parents’ failed marriage and becomes obsessed with looking slimmer.

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Ginny and Georgia it also deals with the issue of self-harm. It seems like a realistic representation as she hurts herself when alone and feels particularly isolated and unsure of how to deal with her many feelings. Ginny is one of the smartest characters on the show and thinks about things much more deeply than her peers. She doesn’t have anyone she feels like she can actually talk to, and that makes her hurt, which is heartbreaking to watch.

4 Embezzlement

ginny and georgia - pauls elction night

While Georgia and Paul share and even get engaged, Paul has no idea that Georgia stole money from the city and that she is not the best person to work for him.

Cynthia finds out what happened and while Georgia manipulates everyone into thinking that Cynthia is stressed out about the mayoral election, of course, Cynthia was right. Georgia always has a plan and is always up to no good.

3 Losing your virginity and discovering your sexuality

Max and sophie walk the school halls together in ginny & georgia

Much attention is paid to Ginny’s love triangle with Hunter and Marcus, but Ginny’s best friend Max also has an active love life.

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The show is about teenagers who are thinking about losing their virginity and discovering their sexuality. Paint a realistic picture of first love when Max falls in love with Sophie and wants to have sex with her. Sophie realizes that Max is not ready yet and is very kind and caring. While they are only together for a short time, this is a meaningful and special experience for Max. Ginny also loses her virginity to Marcus and has some sexual experiences with Hunter. Ginny and Georgia he is very open and honest about these issues.

two The privilege of planning a perfect future

MANG at sophomore sleepover at ginny & georgia

When Ginny arrives in her new town, she quickly realizes that high school students are obsessed with getting into a good college and want to do everything they can to make it happen.

Ginny has never really thought about what she would do after high school as she has been on the move her entire life and has never felt stable. He realizes that Wellsbury teenagers are so rich and privileged that they can plan for the perfect future. It is never a question; it is a guarantee. This is a serious and profound topic that is often explored in teen dramas, and it is treated with respect here.

1 The power of politics

Ginny and Georgia - Paul the Mayor

When Georgia starts working in Paul’s mayor office, she has some good ideas to help him get re-elected, and they are in a tough spot as Cynthia is running against Paul.

Cynthia’s campaign is that, as a mother, she cares a lot and will do everything possible for the people. Ginny and Georgia is a program about a mother and daughter, but it also shows the power games that arise during a political campaign.

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ginny and georgia: taking a selfie;  hugs kisses

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