2021 may be the year of the Google Pixel Watch. A new leak reveals a round, bezel-less design, a physical dial, Wear OS updates, and more.

After trying your luck on phones, tablets, smart speakers, and more, 2021 may finally be the year that Google dives into smartwatches with the long-rumored Google Pixel Watch. Pixel Watch rumors tend to pop up in some respect almost every year, but this time around, a new leak has yielded a lot of insight into the design, features, and even a possible release date of the Pixel Watch.

The current state of smartwatches in 2021 is quite interesting. Apple continues to dominate with the Apple Watch, and for anyone with an iPhone, it makes sense since the smart watch to buy. For everyone else, the market can be a bit tricky. Fashion brands like Fossil and Skagen continue to release products that run Google’s Wear OS operating system, but countless bugs and software glitches have slowed the platform over the years. Samsung has had great success with its Galaxy Watch line, although it lacks compatibility with third-party apps considerably. There are also a few Fitbit smartwatches to choose from, and while they’re great for fitness tracking, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to pretty much anything else. The Android space doesn’t really have a smartwatch like iPhone owners do with the Apple Watch, but if this latest Pixel Watch leak is to be believed, that could be changing.

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Jon Prosser, the Apple and Google leaker of Cover technology recently posted a video that provides a lot of information about the upcoming Pixel Watch, including renderings of the device based on actual images of the watch that Prosser claims to have seen from its source. As seen in the images above and below, the Pixel Watch could have a really eye-catching design. There’s a round display with almost no bezel, a physical dial / crown that can probably be used to navigate the UI, and what appears to be a proprietary watch strap design. It’s sleek, minimalist, and looks a lot like an Apple Watch with a circular display.

Google Pixel Watch Features and Release Date

Google Pixel clock render

Besides the impressive aesthetics, the Pixel Watch could have a lot under the hood as well. The marketing of wearables apparently promotes “unit for software and hardware”, possibly suggesting that the Pixel Watch will be powered by Google’s silicon similar to the upcoming Pixel 6. While the Pixel Watch probably won’t have the exact same chipset found in Google’s upcoming flagship phone, a chip of some kind made by Google. it would make sense given Google’s previous rumors about silicon.

Even more interesting is the Pixel Watch software. Wear OS hasn’t been in the best position for a few years, but with the upcoming Pixel Watch, Google may finally be giving the platform its much-needed updates. Prosser says Wear OS will be “get a face lift” for Pixel Watch, which includes elements such as new watch faces and redesigned user interface elements that make information more visible. While all of that is great, it remains to be seen if Google can improve things like slow performance and poor connectivity. Any update to Wear OS will be greatly appreciated, but if the Pixel Watch is successful, the software will need as much attention as the hardware.

And of course there is the release date. Prosser says the Pixel Watch could launch in October 2021, but as with all upcoming hardware, that may be delayed. Regardless of when the Pixel Watch is finally ready for launch, everything shown here looks really impressive. The design is clean, the possibility of Google’s silicon for the chipset is exciting, and the Wear OS updates are exactly what the platform needs. How all of these leaks come together in the final product remains to be seen, but assuming they’re accurate, the Apple Watch may finally face a worthy adversary.

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