Harley and Tony’s deleted scenes from Iron Man 3 greatly improved their relationship

It’s clear in Avengers: Endgame that Tony Stark deeply impacted Harley Keener, but there was more in Iron Man 3.

Throughout his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark touched many lives, as evidenced by the many friends, family, and allies gathered at his funeral at Avengers Endgame. Among the Avengers, Guardians, and other MCU mainstays in attendance was a guest that some fans may not have recognized at first.

She is an older Harley Keener, whose only previous appearance in the MCU was as a child in iron Man 3. Harley and Tony helped each other out when Tony found himself on the defensive in his fight against AIM and the Mandarin, but originally there was more to their friendship than what came to be in the final film.

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Fans may recall that Tony gave Harley some unorthodox help with the bully who had been pestering him, but in a series of deleted scenes available on Disney +, Tony encountered Harley’s bully during one of the highlights. of the movie. This deleted subplot could have given more meaning to the friendship between Tony and Harley, ending their time together with a clearer indication of the impact they had on each other.

Tony sits in his suit

Tony and Harley meet after Tony engaged Mandarin forces and crashed in Tennessee, with JARVIS following a flight plan he had previously requested in the film. With his new Mark 42 armor breaking on him, Tony finds himself stranded, isolated from Pepper, and presumed dead as a result of the Mandarin’s attack on his home.

With no luck, Tony breaks into a garage to take cover and fix his suit. It is here that she meets Harley, a boy with a potato gun, a love of engineering, and a bully problem. In order to incentivize Harley to help him, Tony gives him a non-lethal “very powerful weapon” from the Iron Man suit so that Harley can “put off” his bully.

Giving a kid a gun is a characteristically irresponsible move by Tony, but the sole purpose of the story at the time seems to be to prepare the gun for Harley to use later when he and Tony find themselves at the mercy of the Extremis-enhanced AIM agent. , Eric Savin. However, in the deleted scenes, the story of Harley’s bully continues and reaches a more heroic conclusion.

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The first of these scenes features Harley’s bully, EJ, who is seen riding a quad bike around town, kicking up snow on Harley. Later, when Tony confronts Savin, he sees EJ approaching while Savin uses his abilities to take down a water tower. Tony tries to warn EJ, but they both get caught in the ensuing flood. After Tony and Harley overpower Savin, it is Harley who finds EJ among the remains of the water tower and frees him. Tony then improvises a defibrillator to resurrect EJ, using his arc reactor. It works, but Tony collapses, his heart fails with the reactor removed from his chest, so Harley rushes to help him, setting the arc reactor in place and reviving Tony.

While he initially encouraged Harley to repel his bully with the flash grenade, these scenes show Tony working with Harley to save EJ’s life. After his rescue, when a bewildered EJ realizes that he owes his life to the boy he has been bullying, and that boy’s new friend, Iron Man, it seems unlikely that he will ever bother Harley again.

This removed subplot gave Harley a more developed arc, eventually culminating in a moment of heroism thanks to Tony. Not only did it foster the bond between the two characters, but it also showed Tony’s positive influence on Harley. In a movie about Tony taking on his own created demons, this lost subplot showed through Harley that Tony’s actions could also put someone on a brighter path.

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