How Hawkgirl Could Destroy DC’s Dark New Totality Team

Hawkgirl recently joined Totality, a team tasked with protecting Earth from the Omniverse, but she may also be the team’s biggest threat.

There’s a new team in the DC Universe, the Whole, and one of the biggest threats to the fledgling team is one of its own members: Hawk girl!

There have been several incarnations of Hawkgirl over the years. Born thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, Hawkgirl was originally Chay-Ara, the mistress of Prince Khufu, who would become Hawkman. The two have been trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth that has spanned over millennia, resulting in multiple versions of the characters. Most recently, Hawkgirl was recruited into the Justice League and remains a member to this day. At the end of Dark Nights Death Metal, was also recruited for other team, one unlike any other in the DC Universe: the Whole. Made up of both heroes Y villains, the team is tasked with protecting Earth from the threats of the newly discovered Omniverse. Given the makeup of the team, there will be tension and disagreements, and Hawkgirl can find herself at the center of it all.

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When readers first meet this incarnation of Hawkgirl in Dark nights, she is the impetuous leader of the Blackhawks, a team of warriors who protect Earth from the incursions of the Dark Multiverse. Being recruited into the Justice League tempered her a bit, but she was still making decisions that she may have felt were correct, but could have seriously understood the missions of the League. For example, when her lover, the Martian Manhunter, was captured, Hawkgirl left the League behind to go save him, just as the mighty Omega Knight was about to attack.

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This incident makes it clear that Hawkgirl will not follow the rules. She wants to be a hero, which could slow down future hasty decisions, yet she’s now on a team with villains like Lex Luthor, Talia a’l Ghul, and Vandal Savage, three people who have shown no qualms about manipulating heroes. and villains alike for their own ends. While this trio of villains are playing well (for now) as members of the Whole, it’s only a matter of time before their selfish nature comes to light.

An impulsive individual like Hawkgirl would be easy prey for manipulation, and it wouldn’t be out of place for any of them to try, whether in the service of the Whole or their own agendas. However, it is not all doom and gloom for Hawkgirl. Heroes of the Whole include Mister Terrific, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), and Martian Manhunter. These three, particularly Martian Manhunter, whom you once had feelings for, can help you stand your ground and resist whatever temptation comes your way.

Given the Whole mission: to protect the Earth from any threat from the Omniverse, they are potentially more important than the Justice League. Hawk girl and the rest of the team will have to work through their dark impulses if there is any chance of the Whole fulfilling its mission.

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