How Pokémon Rattata Can Beat (Almost) Any Opponent

The Pokémon Rattata is known to be a weak early-route monster, but it has the potential to take out stronger opponents, such as Goku from Dragon Ball.

One of the best parts of Pokemon it’s how creative the fanbase can be, especially when it comes to finding unconventional ways to use less powerful (but still beloved) creatures. Sometimes even the weakest of Pokémon can take on the most powerful of opponents if their trainer is thinking ahead. For example, the Twitter user hulkgamerxx recently noted how the rodent from the early Kanto route, Rattata, could defeat (quite Dragon BallGoku in a fight.

The idea of ​​a low-level Rattata being capable of taking down much stronger opponents, even level 100 enemies, is nothing particularly new. Pokemon Fans have long dubbed this strategy FEAR, an acronym based on the steps involved in its use, although the term itself may have originally meant something much more vulgar.

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However, nowadays FEAR stands for Focus Sash, Endeavor, (Quick) Attack, Rattata. Although Rattata is not the only Pokémon capable of achieving this, it is the one that most fans associate with strategy. Essentially, this involves a weak Pokémon holding a Focus Sash and knowing the moves Endeavor and Quick Attack when facing a much stronger opponent.

Focus Sash makes the Pokémon survive the initial attack (which would otherwise be a one-hit KO) with only one hit point remaining. From there, the Pokémon has to use Endeavor, which reduces the opponent’s HP to match the user’s. Finally, they must use Quick Attack, a priority move that (almost) always goes first, to take out the enemy.

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This strategy is not entirely foolproof and will not work for all opponents. For one thing, Ghost-types are immune to Normal-type moves, meaning that Endeavor and Quick Attack won’t hit them at all under most circumstances. Also, since the strategy requires the target to reduce the user’s HP to one, it is best performed using a weaker Pokémon that almost guarantees that it will move second and would otherwise be eliminated by the first attack.

This presents some vulnerabilities, as if the target also has a priority move like Quick Attack (or Extreme Speed, which is even faster than Quick Attack), it will remove the user’s single hit point rather than the other way around. Other ways to counter FEAR include using a move that negates the use of items and the target having an item that restores health, such as a Berry or Leftovers, that will likely regain enough HP, the Quick Attack will not cause a KO.

While there are many ways that FEAR can go wrong, the idea that such a thing is possible is hilarious. In practice, it means that a level one Rattata could defeat Arceus, the Mythical Pokémon that is said to have created the entire universe, in one fight, as well as most non-Ghost-type enemies who don’t expect one. short. Tier Pokémon to pose a threat. All this speaks of the complex PokemonSystems can be, and it’s a reminder not to underestimate the little one.

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