IPad Pro screen shortage could make Apple’s new tablet in short supply

Chip shortage hits Apple again. A new report says that the iPad Pro could lag as a result of a lack of MiniLED display components.

Apple It is expected to announce new iPad Pro models this year, but the larger 12.9-inch variant may be delayed as a result of a lack of display components. Tech companies around the world are experiencing the effects of continued chip shortages, which show no signs of stopping anytime soon. People are buying computers, tablets, and other devices at a rapid pace, supply chains are still trying to get back to pre-pandemic speed, and demand consistently exceeds what can be manufactured.

While people can still go out and buy a plethora of tech products without a hitch, the side effects of the chip shortage have already been very prevalent in the consumer space. The Xbox Series X | S and the PS5 are still almost impossible to buy, computer components like graphics cards face the same fate, and any of these items that are available for purchase are being sold at ridiculous prices by online resellers. In the coming weeks / months, Apple may be the next company to face a shortage of inventory.

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As reported by Bloomberg, the next iPad Pro is now facing production delays. The 12.9-inch variant of the iPad Pro is said to feature an improved display with MiniLED technology, but unfortunately for Apple, that MiniLED technology is in short supply. Apple is expected to announce the updated iPad Pro line as usual (possibly sometime this month), but according to the report, “The production issue could mean that the larger iPad Pro will ship later and will be available in limited quantities to begin with.”

What does this mean for Apple in 2021

In some context, this is not the first report to come out suggesting that Apple is facing production delays. Similar news was released a few days earlier, indicating that Apple has had to temporarily halt certain production lines for both iPad and MacBook. Based on that report, it was said that Apple had to delay some component orders for the iPad and MacBook. “from the first semester of this year to the second semester.” While Apple is far from the first company to suffer production delays during chip shortages, it is more remarkable to see that Apple is often one of the best in the business when it comes to managing supply chains.

Through the rest of 2021, it will be interesting to see what other Apple products could experience similar delays. In addition to the iPad Pro, other expected Apple hardware for this year includes a new Apple TV, AirPods 3, iPhone 13, a redesigned iMac, and more. It’s a slew of hardware to be announced in the coming months, and while it was previously reported that the iPhone has yet to face the lags seen by the iPad and MacBook, that’s not to say it’s not going to change.

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Fountain: Bloomberg

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