King in Black: Venom just forged Marvel’s most powerful weapon

In King in Black’s final battle, Venom turns Mjolnir and the Silver Surfer board into Marvel’s most powerful weapon, eventually defeating Knull.

Warning: Contains spoilers for King in Black # 5 Y Poison # 34!

Fans knew that no normal weapon was capable of taking down the King in black, but no one expected the incredible battle ax that Poison forged to slay the God of Symbiotes in the final chapter of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s epic clash between good and evil. By escaping from Knull’s God Hive just in time to unite with the Enigma Force, Eddie Brock and his fellow symbiote were able to take control of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and the Silver Surfer’s table, fusing them into a powerful battle ax capable of destroy Knull.

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While combining the two weapons was a big surprise at this issue, both had already shown that they were capable of defending themselves against Knull. Silver Surfer: Black showed the change of Surfer ‘Toomie’ (a nickname given to the board by Surfer’s beloved Dawn Greenwood, who misunderstood its “For me, my board!” characteristic) into a sword in battle with Knull, while King in Black # 3 he saw Thor relieve Knull of his jaw with his hammer, Mjolnir.

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King in Black # 5 watch the weapons fuse together, as Eddie Brock harnesses the Uni-Power (an aspect of the sensitive Enigma Force), becoming the latest version of the hero formerly known as Captain Universe. A former enemy of the King in Black, the Enigma Force was brought to Earth by the Silver Surfer, empowering Brock at a point where he had apparently already been killed by Knull. The truth was somewhat more complex, as Eddie still existed as a codex within Knull’s vast God Hive. With his Venom symbiote still in the material world, Brock was able to fight his way back to life, offering the Enigma Force a suitable host and bringing Uni-Power into play. After striking blow after blow against Knull, Venom forced him into the heart of the sun, only then allowing a nervous Thor and Silver Surfer to retrieve their weapons.

Venom Silver Surfer Sword Thor Mjolnir king in black

With the Enigma Force ax now undone, Venom’s weapon had only a brief time as the most powerful in the Marvel Universe, but its power cannot be underestimated. Harnessing the Odinforce within Thor’s hammer and the Power Cosmic imbued into Silver Surfer’s board, Venom’s ax commanded two of the most powerful forces in Marvel Comics, even before adding the power of Uni-Power. Venom effortlessly cuts off the head of one of the Celestials possessed by the King in Black, a historical feat that was previously used to establish just how dangerous Knull was to Earth. The only caveat is that Venom may not have been able to wield the ax on any other day – Thor has recently been struggling with his weapon’s enchantment, which is supposed to only allow the worthy to lift Mjolnir. It is unclear if Venom benefited from this or if the Enigma Force is so all-encompassing that it waived this restriction.

Venom King on Black Ax Thor Silver Surfer Mjolnir Board

Is the Enigma Force ax gone forever? In the comics, the answer is always no, but the very particular ingredients – Mjolnir, the Silver Surfer board, and the Uni-Power – are unlikely to ever come together again, especially in the hands of Venom or Eddie Brock. A more likely candidate would be the Fallen, the disgraced Silver Surfer, wielding Mjolnir from the potential future where Thanos triumphs, or perhaps the next host of the Enigma Force, whoever he is.

Knull was one of Marvel’s most powerful villains to date, so it’s fitting that Venom forged the most powerful weapon in the comics to defeat him. Having taken the King in Black ‘s title for himself, and he was warned that Knull’s primal darkness lives within his son, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have enormous responsibilities awaiting them in the future. Hopefully life will be a little easier from the fact that Earth’s protectors now know exactly what Poison can do when the chips are low.

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