While Kim has been posting photos alongside her four children, fans are excited for her new era as a single mother. They think she looks happy and relaxed.

Kim Kardashian has keeping up with the Kardashians fans excited for the future of their new era as a single mom. Since filing for divorce from her husband Kanye West, Kim has been posting numerous photos on social media alongside her four children. These new candid photos have fans excited to see what will come of Kim as she transition to being a single mother.

Rumors had been speculating about a divorce between Kim and Kanye for quite some time before their presentation in March. In the leaked divorce documents, he claims that Kim seeks full joint custody of her four children with Kanye. Divorce is the result of irreconcilable problems between the couple that they had tried to resolve in marriage counseling. Currently, Kanye only allows Kim to communicate with him through his security. Although Kim and Kanye don’t communicate, they enlist the help of the team around them to manage the joint upbringing of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

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As Kim adjusts to being a single mom, fans are excited about what this new era has in store for the founder of SKIMS. Over the weekend, Kim shared photos on Instagram of herself with her four babies. Fans were surprised to see how much the children had grown. Now these photos have them excited for the new chapter of Kim’s life. They love the overflow of family photos, as well as their recent no-makeup look in them. It’s pretty clear how committed Kim is to her children. One Twitter the user described the vibe of Kim’s latest photos as Beyonce’s handwriting, “my babies and I are going to be fine … we are going to live a good life. “Many even admitted that they would see a KUWTK spin-off program centered on Kim balancing being a single mom with all of her professional endeavors.

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Although Kim is now taking on an even bigger role by becoming a single mother, the adjustment may not be that difficult for her. Kim, like the rest of her famous family, has a very large team around her full of assistants, babysitters, cooks, etc. All of these people will continue to help Kim take care of her children. As a newly discovered billionaire, Kim has a very busy daily schedule, making it difficult to be there for her children every second of the day. This is probably why Kim looks so relaxed in photos with her children. Divorce no longer seems to affect her mentally. She seems to be happy to spend time with her family.

Even though Kim apparently handled her public divorce quite well, she allegedly kept many of her struggles hidden from her family. In recent episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim limited the scope of the details she shared with her family regarding her marital problems. In every episode of the last season so far, Kim has refused to speak on camera about her relationship with Kanye; However, more details will reportedly be shared before the show’s final season ends.

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