League of Legends: 10 best Yasuo cosplay that are too accurate

Within League of LegendsFew champions are as polarizing as Yasuo the Unforgivable. The swordsman is praised for his aesthetics and the fantasy he fulfills when players pounce on enemies and swing his sword imbued with all the powers of the wind; while also being vilified for his “Wind Wall” projectile lock and high skill cap which often results in new players performing poorly, ultimately negatively impacting his team.

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Inspiring equal amounts of hatred and devotion, Yasuo has achieved a position of immense notoriety within the League community and often appears prominently as a poster in in-game promotional materials and videos. Building on this mixed popularity, cosplayers have brought the wandering champion to life in a way that avoids the division of their mechanics in the game.

10 The obstinence of the wind

Yasuo’s masterful swordsmanship is further enhanced by his ability to control the wind through magical techniques. After hitting twice with “Steel Tempest”, a simple push forward, the third use of the ability fires a whirlwind that can send enemies into the skies.

Perhaps Yasuo’s most hated ability, “Wind Wall”, also utilizes the powers of the wind, stopping any projectile attack harmlessly. @ SenninUzumaki’s cosplay illustrates the relationship between Yasuo and the air with subtle images; After drawing his sword, a circle of wind envelops the swordsman in a defensive embrace.

9 A serious sword

As a disgraced swordsman forced to kill his own brother, Yasuo’s lore is grim and tragic, characteristics that bleed into the champion’s sardonic demeanor in the game.

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Cosplayer @har_fie it contains the bitter feelings of a persecuted and anguished prodigy; his furious gaze also suggests a warning hesitation and a conscious threat: Yasuo doesn’t want unnecessary bloodshed, but getting in his way will need it. To emphasize this point, Yasuo’s sword has been partially unleashed; the sword is not yet fully unsheathed, but the cutting steel has been made visible to would-be opponents.

8 Cut and cut like a DJ

In the world of League Masks from “True Damage”, Yasuo is an inscrutable creative who prioritizes music above all else; he just emerged from his seclusion by the right artist or collaboration, and considered producing the True Damage song. “Giants“valuable.

@stylouz_cosplay embodies the cool vibes of a samurai turned DJ, realizing the enigmatic nature and sharp edge that combine to do True Damage Yasuo. Whether spinning records or spinning with his sword, Yasuo’s talent and discipline are in full view of the world, on stage and in the Rift.

7 The Ionian Wanderer

@ chouk.cosplay he realizes Yasuo’s design with astonishing precision, especially in the craftsmanship of his winged pouldron and tempestuous sword. Disgraced by his shameless decision to leave the senior master he was tasked with protecting, Yasuo’s failure was further misunderstood and the blame for the death of his position fell on his shoulders.

At one point, Yasuo decided that discovering the truth and avenging his master was worth more than proving his innocence; The @ chouk.cosplay backdrop in front captures the vagrant nature of Yasuo’s wandering as he is forced to defend himself against the very people he hoped to protect.

6 Cybernetic samurai

League The “PROJECT” skin line reinvents champions in a world dominated by future technology, controlling corporations, and cyborg battles. Yasuo’s traditional design gets a radical makeover, his humanity completely obscured by his advanced armor and orange-tinted face shield.

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Still a rebel at heart, PROJECT Yasuo fights against hegemony with the resistance group known as G / NETIC. @davidsons Capture the defining line between the deadly dominance of Yasuo’s sword and the augmented movements of a cyborg as he unsheathes his plasma sword and trots towards unseen foes.

5 A new sheriff is in town

By choosing to play High Noon Yasuo, a cowboy-swordsman with a revolver blade, @no__whale brings together the disparate themes of East and West in her cosplay. As in his original lore, High Noon Yasuo wanders alone after what may or may not be false murder charges.

Despite his destiny as a nomad, High Noon Yasuo applies his form of justice to bandits and outlaws, thus ensuring the protection of the townspeople with or without a badge. Equipped with the standard tools of a badass cowboy (rope, boots, bandana and hat), special emphasis is placed on the cosplay’s pistol-sword hybrid, showing the dual nature of the weapon.

4 Dominating a master

League Without a doubt, it is a game that requires practice and dedication to learn the mechanics of a multitude of characters and the rhythm of a match. As players gain experience with a champion, they earn “mastery points,” which eventually unlock emotes that can be used in-game as a way to show their commitment. As with most expressive characteristics in competitive play, this is often used for taunting. opponents.

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@ neioworkshop’s Yasuo’s cosplay not only shows an attention to detail on the costume itself, specifically the soft texture of the cape in contrast to the metallic sheen of the shoulder pad, but also includes an overhead gesture of mastery.

3 The muscular form of the sword

Considering the use of the sword as an extension of the body, it only makes sense for a master to hone his physique along with his sword work. @sd_cosplayfit He illustrates this philosophy perfectly with his incredibly toned version of Yasuo.

The wandering swordsman, although known for his technical skill and wind magic, also possesses the great strength and endurance necessary to fight tirelessly; Although his ultimate ability certainly relies on his elemental powers, it appears to be a combination of supernatural forces with utmost finesse and power, as “Last Breath” keeps enemies in the sky while Yasuo cuts them to pieces.

two The damned and weary

Haunted by ghosts from his past, the lowest point in Yasuo’s story arc sees him forced to kill the very people he hoped to protect by disobeying his orders in the first place; Despite his hesitations and misgivings, he reluctantly fights his compatriots in an effort to defend the tattered remains of his tainted honor.

Despite being a child prodigy, earning special instruction from a teacher in the ways of the wind, adulthood has been a perpetual struggle to face the consequences of poor choice and a flawed ego. @yoshplay depicts the world’s weary wanderer and his “Unforgivable” stigma with his perfect cosplay.

1 Behind the sheet

While Yasuo’s story is certainly tragic, a sense of hope and optimism prevails that clings to the champion. Yes, he has been accused of murdering his master and was forced to kill his own brother in self-defense, but he does not stop moving; there is a longing for a better life that manifests itself in your tireless wandering.

This promise of a new chapter is best seen in Yasuo’s teacher-student relationship with Taliyah, an earth mage he finds and instructs. @elfficsplayWith his sword out of sight, a comfortable recline, and subtle hints of a smile forming on his face, he gives viewers a glimpse of the man burdened with shame and duty.

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