#MakeTheBatfleckMovie Trends on Twitter as fans rally for Affleck’s Batman return

DCEU fans are rallying to get Ben Affleck’s canceled solo Batman movie off the ground, trending #MakeTheBatfleckMovie on Twitter.

Fan campaign for Ben Affleck’s The batman movie to be made with the #MakeTheBatfleckMovie trend on Twitter. Immediately after its most recent appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, there is renewed interest in the discarded solo film with the actor. This is despite Warner Bros. having a separate DCEU movie about Matt Reeves’ caped crusader starring Robert Pattinson.

Casting Affleck as the iconic DC superhero was initially met with backlash from fans who couldn’t see him bring the character to life. However, he proved the naysayers wrong when he debuted in 2016 via Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; While the film was criticized for many different reasons, its performance was surprisingly praised. Unfortunately, despite the acclaim, rumors began to circulate that he wanted out of the DCEU. The speculations continued even when he starred League of Justice, which is known for its problematic production. This created confusion as to the status of his The batman solo project, which he was initially supposed to write, direct, and star in. So when it was finally confirmed that he was officially out of the DCEU, Reeves and Pattinson took over the project.

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Now after its appearance on Snyder Cut, fans are pushing for the scrapped project with the currently trending #MakeTheBatfleckMovie hashtag. Twitter. People are citing different reasons why Affleck’s The batman The movie must happen, although both Warner Bros / HBO Max and the actor have yet to respond. See some of the tweets below:

It’s worth noting that part of the reason Affleck decided to leave the DCEU stems from his frustration with constant pressure and unnecessary comments while playing Batman. This was compounded by the bad experience on the set of League of Justice when Snyder left and was replaced by embattled director Joss Whedon. Since its departure, the details of the story about its scrapping. The batman The project has been constantly leaked, including the fact that it was going to feature a Batgirl vs Deathstroke fight. With the Snyder Cut restoring its original stinger by setting up the aforementioned project in place of Legion of Doom, people are more motivated than ever to see Affleck’s Caped Crusader in their indie blockbuster.

So what are the chances of this actually happening? Hard to say at this point. The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement proved that fan campaigns have a chance to succeed. However, there are currently many variables to consider when talking about giving Affleck the green light. The batman. For starters, Warner Bros. has Reeves and Pattinson’s version of the project due for delivery in 2022. Granted it’s set on Earth-2, the concurrently existing iteration of Affleck could be confusing to the general public, as the concept of the multiverse is not yet available. be properly established. Finally, and the most important variable here is Affleck’s thoughts on the matter. Even if fans and studios want to go ahead with the idea, #MakeTheBatfleckMovie won’t happen if the actor isn’t on board.

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