Man-Bat’s dark fate proves he’s Batman’s most tragic villain

The latest issue of DC’s Man-Bat comic shows why the villain is more tragic than Batman’s other foes, and predicts a grim end to his future.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Bat-Man # 3!

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Bat ManKirk Langstrom’s fate does not look good, confirming that he is one of the most tragic villains in the world. bat Man‘s rogues gallery. On the run as a fugitive, Langstrom is trying to find a way to correct his mistakes before his bestial side completely takes over his mind. However, he faces quite a few different adversaries, even apart from the Dark Knight. He’s come into the crosshairs of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, and the Scarecrow is after him too. However, while the Suicide Squad has managed to track down Man-Bat in this latest issue, Harley Quinn has a “therapy session” first, revealing the dark and tragic fate she can await if she continues on her current path.

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With the monstrous Man-Bat tied to a couch in Bat-Man # 3 From writer Dave Wielgosz with art by Sumit Kumar, Harley Quinn begins to diagnose Kirk Langstrom as a therapist, still considering herself a “medical professional.” First, Langstrom reveals his biggest dream and fantasy where everything is arranged to perfection: he has found a cure for his transformation, he has his wife back, Batman respects him, and Gotham loves him after he restored the hearing damage he caused. several citizens in the first issue of the series.

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However, Harley brings Kirk back to reality, confirming what will likely happen if he continues to operate as he has: the government will come after him, and he will eventually be captured by all kinds of “secret science creeps up” as Quinn calls them, who will vivisect it “in the name of science”. Furthermore, he is confident that he will never be heard from again, and not even Batman will be able to find him.


Having smashed Kirk’s best case with some scathing remarks, Harley’s claim seems spot on. As simple as Batman may think it would be for Man-Bat to turn himself in, his days are numbered regardless of whether he is caught or not. Unless you can start to focus on smaller goals rather than absolute solutions, even the most responsible course of action would doom you to one “living autopsy. “Fortunately, Harley grants Langstrom a second chance to change, letting him go and making it look like he managed to escape before the rest of the squad arrives. The rest of the problem, however, sees Kirk fall into the clutches of Scarecrow, who threatens to rob him of all his remaining time before he completely loses his mind and becomes the Bat-Man forever.

Dr. Kirk Langstrom started life with good intentions: trying to heal his sister’s damaged hearing. However, his ambition and lack of caution turned him into the Man-Bat, causing the tragic spiral of events that causes time to run out in this new series. Unlike villains like Two-Face or Clayface, Man-Bat is not someone who used to mean well, or even a villain like Professor Pyg, whose idea of ​​”helping” is harming others. Kirk is fully capable of helping others, he wants to do it, but he can’t get over his original sin for this to happen. If only, Bat Man you’ll be able to overcome your flaws and take the second chance you’ve been given, as long as you can deal with the Scarecrow and continue to dodge bat Man and the Suicide Squad.

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