Marvel’s Avengers have forever changed the X-Men’s Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force has returned to Earth in Jason Aaron’s Avengers career, transforming their mythology to encompass much more than the X-Men!

Jason Aaron Avengers running has redefined the X Men‘s Phoenix Force forever. The Phoenix Force has always been considered one of the most powerful cosmic entities in Marvel. According to The Phoenix Force Handbook, it was “born of the void that exists between states of being,“A nexus of all psychic energy throughout the Multiverse. Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death recently explained why the Phoenix involves both creation and destruction.”Existence is binary,“Hela explained.”Alpha Omega. Order from chaos. Beginning-end. Life death. Phoenix is ​​the passion of creation. Dark Phoenix, the cold fire that ends it.

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The Phoenix essentially serves as the guardian of evolution, and possesses enough power to burn down civilizations that have stalled and even entire timelines where evolution has slowed to one step. For this reason, he has usually been drawn to Earth’s mutant community, seeing them as the future of the human race; When the Scarlet Witch nearly wiped out the mutant race, the Phoenix returned to Earth to reactivate the dormant X gene. However, every time the Phoenix struggles, there is a cost; it draws on the psychic power of other parts of the Multiverse, and the energy it uses prevents entire realities from arising.

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Jason Aaron Avengers run has brought the Phoenix to Earth once again, with a variety of heroes and villains competing to become the next Phoenix host. The main focus has been on the identity of this next host, now revealed to be the vigilante Echo, but Aaron has also rewritten the mythology of the Phoenix.

Earth’s First Phoenix Host Revealed

Avengers 39 Cover First Phoenix

Jason Aaron Avengers run featured the Avengers from 1,000,000 BC. C., a surprising group that included what appears to be the first Phoenix host on Earth. His story was finally told in Avengers # 39, which revealed that gene X has been triggering a genetic mutation among the human race since the dawn of time. A red-haired girl stumbled upon a tribe of mutants living in a cave system, but tragically this prehistoric group of X-Men was the target of human prejudice. The trauma of experiencing someone else’s death unleashed the teenager’s own psychic powers and acted as a beacon to summon the Phoenix Force.

This powerful psychic decided not to burn the planet to ashes despite all she had suffered, but instead became the founder of the first Avengers. She gathered gods and sorcerers alike to wage war against Mephisto, who ruled the Earth in this ancient time. He even dared to explode in Asgard, where he surprised Odin the All-Father. “I’m putting together a team” She told him. “To save the world. Of himself. And of people like you and me. You join?

Thor is the son of the phoenix

Odin Phoenix Force Thor reveal

Odin agreed, and not just because he found the idea tempting; he was deeply attracted to the Phoenix and became her lover. In a shocking twist, and still only partially explained, Marvel revealed that he and the Phoenix had a son. Thor He is the son of the Phoenix and also the son of Odin the Allfather, which perhaps explains why he has always seemed so much more powerful than his fellow Asgardians.

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In truth, Aaron has probably been preparing for this amazing reveal for quite some time; its Thor The race included a series of occasions where various incarnations of the God of Thunder clashed with the Phoenix Force, and they proved capable of coming close to matching it. This now makes sense, because not only were they wielding the power of the Tempest God contained within Mjolnir, they were also harnessing the power inherited from Thor himself. Aaron will no doubt continue to explore this idea throughout his career, explaining what this means for Thor.

The phoenix is ​​linked to the legend of the Thunderbird

Maya Lopez Echo Phoenix Header

Phoenix Force has chosen its new host, Echo. She appears to have been chosen in large part because she portrays the Phoenix through the lens of her Native American heritage, viewing him as the legendary Thunderbird. “Cheyenne’s blood runs through my veins“Echo thinks as he is granted the power of the Phoenix.”Like many of the native tribes, my people have always believed in a winged spirit of change. A great firebird that brings summer. That protects us from the things that would feed on us, in the dark and at sea. In the long cold winter Today, for better or for worse, I have become that change.“This is a dramatic change in the mythology of the Phoenix, because it means that the legends of the Thunderbird can also be brought to point to the Phoenix Force.

In Native American mythology, the Thunderbird is a bird spirit that waters the land; Lightning flashes from its beak, and the flapping of its wings was believed to be the source of the thunder. Illustrations typically show the Thunderbird accompanied by lesser bird spirits, and indeed Javier Garron’s impressive design for Echo as host of Phoenix evokes those images. It’s as if the Phoenix himself has blessed Echo’s interpretation of his nature, and it will be fascinating to see how Echo wields his power because of that new understanding.

However, the Thunderbird image is important for another reason; helps to tie Aaron’s narrative closer together, because it means Thor He is not just the Son of Thunder (as he is sometimes called), but he is the Son of the Thunderbird. Just as lightning springs from the Thunderbird’s wings, he commands the storm; just as the flapping of his wings was thought to be the source of thunder, he is the lord of the elements. This shows how much Jason Aaron thought of reinventing the Phoenix Force, and suggests that his career will continue to redefine it. The Phoenix may have been traditionally associated with the X-Men, but this Avengers the series is radically transforming her, expanding her mythology beyond the various X Men writers have ever tried. It’s going to be fascinating to see where Jason Aaron goes from here.

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