Marvel’s new daredevil is already training a partner

In a new preview for Marvel’s Daredevil # 29, the new Daredevil is training a new partner and showing them how to protect Hell’s Kitchen.

Warning! Spoilers for Reckless # 29 below!

Marvel’s newest Reckless He’s taking a new partner and showing them the ropes of what it takes to be a hero in Hell’s Kitchen. In a new preview of the next Reckless # 29 Elektra is training 16-year-old Alice, who lost her foster mother during the invasion with Knull, and she’s not kidding as she quickly shows the young woman what being a vigilante is all about.

With Matt Murdock serving time in prison for an accidental murder he committed, Elektra has taken over Daredevil and defended Hell’s Kitchen in his absence. Unfortunately, one of his first rivals was one of the greatest threats to ever land on Earth: Knull, the god of symbiotes. While the King in Black was eventually defeated after engulfing the planet in darkness, Elektra would run into a troubled teenager named Alice, whose guardian was killed during the taking of the symbiote. The new Daredevil took Alice in and would connect with her for losing her parents while giving her some tough love.

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In a new preview of Reckless # 29 from Marvel Comics by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Marcio Menyz and Clayton Cowles from VC, Elektra begins teaching Alice how to fight. When Alice wonders why Elektra chose to help her, the new Daredevil tells her that it relates to having once been parentless and weak. Elektra then shows Alice what she means by taking her on a rooftop mission, monitoring two of the new Kingpin men who are collecting money in exchange for not destroying a local business. As he goes into action, Daredevil tells Alice to “take the stairs” as she jumps off the building.

Daredevil elektra

Daredevil elektra

Daredevil elektra

Elektra clearly relates to and empathizes with Alice, who finds herself in a similar position the now heroine was in when she was her age. Knowing that Alice lost her guardian and would likely be lost in the foster care system, he decided to train her. While Elektra may not admit it, training Alice could be just as beneficial to her as she may feel lonely while she waits for Matt’s prison sentence to run its course.

It remains to be seen if Alice adopts her own superhero persona and becomes Robin’s version of Daredevil. Still, it’s really cool to see Elektra take someone under her wing and train them to defend Hell’s Kitchen. Hopefully, it’s the start of a crime-fighting tandem that will continue once the original Daredevil is released from prison. Reckless # 29 will be in stores on April 14, 2021.

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