Masked singer: Nick Cannon is expecting twins and fans drag him away

Fans have taken to social media to share their reactions after Abby De La Rosa reveals that she and Nick Cannon of The Masked Singer are expecting twins.

The Masked SingerNick Cannon is preparing to add more twin babies to his life, and fans have had a strong reaction to the news. Cannon is currently hosting the popular reality competition series in which celebrities perform hit songs. At the end of each episode, a contestant is unmasked. In the most recent episode of The Masked Singer which aired on April 7, Cannon himself was unmasked as the latest wild card contestant, making his return to the series after recovering from COVID. Actress Niecy Nash replaced him as host for the first half of season 5. Nash made the executive decision to unmask the Bulldog as part of an elaborate stunt to mark the move from one host to another.

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Cannon already shares a twin boy and girl, named Monroe and Moroccan Scott (born 2011), with his ex-wife Mariah Carey. The superstar host and singer divorced in 2016. Cannon also has a son and daughter, Powerful Queen and Golden, with model Brittany Bell. Their children were born in 2017 and 2020, respectively. The Masked Singer The host is currently in a relationship with Abby De La Rosa.

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De La Rosa, a professional and international broadcasting DJ, shared the wonderful news on Instagram, posting professional photos and a video of herself and Cannon posing together outside. She included a message for her future children, revealing that she is expecting twins. However, fans couldn’t help but take to social media to share their humorous reactions to Cannon having more children.

De La Rosa, who announced that she was pregnant in December, referred to her future children as “miracle babies. “He did not elaborate, so it is not clear if he had difficulties conceiving. But what is clear is that both parents are willing to love their twins unconditionally and that the couple is in.”complete in unison“For their babies. The two are excited about this new journey they are about to embark on together, despite the jokes of several Twitter users.

While De La Rosa shared the news, Cannon has yet to make any public comment on social media. His most recent Instagram post is a training video and his most recent Twitter posts are related to his syndicated radio show. You may want to let De La Rosa be the center of attention by sharing the couple’s baby news. After all, her Instagram account is full of photos documenting her pregnancy journey. Considering the comments The Masked Singer has received the host, maybe it’s for the best that he’s not posting anything personal on social media right now.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on FOX.

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