MCU theory: Falcon becomes Captain America, but does NOT use the shield

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier notes that Sam will eventually take over as Captain America, but may leave Steve Rogers’ trademark shield behind. As much as some fans thought Steve should have anointed his best friend Bucky Barnes to be the new Captain America, Sam Wilson really was the logical choice. From the moment he first agreed to help Steve during Captain America: The Winter SoldierSam showed a willingness to take risks for others and the same natural tendency to heroism that a young Steve once displayed.

That’s why Sam’s decision to decline Steve’s gift and allow the signature Captain America costume and Vibranium shield to be removed came as a surprise to most fans. One would assume that Sam could be honored. Steve thought so highly of him, but at the same time, no one asked Sam for his opinion on the idea of ​​becoming Captain America, a job that carries sky-high expectations and a long and complex legacy with the United States government.

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While Bucky might not understand and resent Sam’s decision to give up Steve’s shield, they both agree that John Walker was obviously the wrong choice to become the new Captain America. Now that Walker is publicly guilty of murder, his title is likely to be stripped. Sam will probably take over before the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but that does not mean that the shield will come.

Falcon doesn’t think he’s good enough to be a cap

Falcon and the winter soldier sam returns cap shield avengers endgame

During the debut episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam finally admits his reasoning behind not taking the shield and the accompanying Captain America identity – he doesn’t think he’s good enough for the job. To some extent, it’s clear that both Sam and Bucky idolized Steve on a level beyond mere friendship, and that’s partly why Bucky is so upset that Steve gave Sam his shield, and Sam handed it over to him. government. Steve was, in fact, perhaps the most virtuous hero in the MCU, he always put the safety of the innocent above his own and truly lived up to the extraordinary man that Dr. Erskine saw in him when he cast him for the project. super soldier.

After fighting alongside Steve for several years, Sam has been able to see how exceptional he was, and it is those qualities that imbued Captain America’s personality. The point, though, is that it was Steve’s traits before he became a super soldier that made him who he was, not what was inside a bottle, as Iron Man once said during an argument. While Sam may not believe he lives up to Steve as a hero, the former Star-Spangled Man clearly disagrees and saw those same traits in Sam that Erskine saw in a scrawny kid from Brooklyn. Whether Sam knows it now or not, he is the heir to Steve’s legacy.

Why Sam will become the new Captain America

Sam Isaiah Falcon and the Winter Soldier

While the fact that a man as good as Steve Rogers personally chose Sam as his replacement will definitely influence Falcon eventually changing his mind about becoming Captain America, there is another great reason to consider. As revealed in episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a man named Isaiah Bradley was also successfully converted into a super soldier by the United States government in the early 1950s and was sent to serve in the Korean War. Bradley defended his country well, even going head-to-head with Bucky in Winter Soldier mode.

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Yet when he returned home, Bradley was treated like most blacks in 1950s America: like trash. While not all Americans back then were virulent racists, the prevailing view of the time among the white majority was that blacks were inherently lesser beings than whites and that things like segregation were right and necessary. Blacks were also victims of insidious and hideous plots like the infamous Tuskegee experiment, which was a partial inspiration for the creation of Bradley’s super soldier in the comics. Bradley spent decades in prison being experimented on, and his heroic war record was erased. As a black man, Sam Wilson has the opportunity to do what Bradley was prevented from doing decades before: be recognized as Captain America.

Why can’t Falcon take Cap’s shield

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Sam Shield

During The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam regrets that the shield is just a symbol and that without Steve Rogers to wield it, it means nothing. As cool and iconic as the Vibranium weapon is, Sam is right. This is clear from the way John Walker wore it and put Steve’s wardrobe on it didn’t make him Captain America, just a suitor. Captain America is not a costume, it is an ideal, a belief system, the righteous and noble values ​​that Steve embraced and set out to uphold. This is especially true now that the shield has been used in an assassination, thanks to a raging and super powerful Walker.

While Steve gave Sam his shield with good intentions, he was also unaware of what had been done to Isaiah Bradley and the atrocities committed by America’s super soldier program in the years he was sleeping under the ice. With no Steve behind him, the shield is just an artifact from a bygone American era, one with associated good and bad memories, but a sad underlying legacy of injustice. One might wonder then why Spider-Man: No Way Home Photos from the set show Cap’s shield as being held up by the Statue of Liberty. Perhaps it was placed there with the intention of reminding people of what America should strive to be, without letting them forget its darkest chapters.

Sam as the new Captain America doesn’t need the shield

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes with the Captain America mural in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sam has insisted that he wouldn’t take the Super Soldier Serum if given the chance, and he shouldn’t, because he doesn’t need it. John Walker is not an ineffective Captain America because he has no superpowers, he is bad at work because as a person he is exactly who Dr. Erskine would have passed away to. He’s selfish, arrogant, hotheaded, and generally the antithesis of Steve and Sam. Sam doesn’t need superpowers to be a Captain America worthy of Steve’s respect, he doesn’t even need a weapon made from the rarest metal on Earth. He just needs to be the hero he already is, but with a new wardrobe. As a bonus, by becoming the new Captain America, Sam can prove to a fighting Bucky that no, Steve wasn’t wrong about Sam, and therefore, he wasn’t wrong about Bucky either.

One of the most important aspects of Sam Wilson as a character, especially as described in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. Some might argue that Tony Stark proved that, but he also had unlimited resources, something Sam clearly doesn’t have, outside of Falcon technology itself, which he is supposed to lose access to if he conflicts with the government. Before befriending Steve, Sam was a normal person in the sense that he had no powers, but also an extraordinary person in the sense that he had a drive to help others and do the right thing at all costs – two iconic traits by Steve Rogers. In fact, that’s probably what drew Steve to Sam so quickly, their similar moral cores.

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