Minecraft builders are recreating the entire state of New Jersey

A team of Minecraft builders set out to recreate the entire state of New Jersey in 1: 1 scale, including the landmarks and wonders of the US state.

A group of dedicated Minecraft Players are recreating New Jersey City on a 1: 1 scale. Ingenuity and hard work have always been the cornerstones of the game. Minecraft features an expansive building system that has given players the opportunity to achieve their coolest building ideas, be it a Hogwarts replica, an underwater paradise, or a massive pirate ship. These builds can often take a whole year or more, even with many players working together.

Recently, Minecraft Players have started to expand their dreams and reach new heights when it comes to in-game construction and creation. One project, announced last year, has players working on a 1: 1 scale replica of the entire Earth. Although previously thought to be impossible, players can now build to the scale of reality in Minecraft, thanks to new modding technologies. Now team projects like Build The Earth New Jersey are possible, with a true replica of the real world in the digital world. Minecraft kingdom.

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The Minecraft The construction team, commonly known as BTE New Jersey, aims to recreate the entire American state of New Jersey at an incredible 1: 1 scale. The entire project is supposed to exist in one Minecraft server, and work began on April 19, 2020. Almost a year later, the team has grown tremendously and worked hard to build New Jersey. BTE New Jersey now has 1,201 users, all working hard to bring the state to life.

Minecraft BTE New Jersey

If the rest of the construction matches what has already been achieved, the project will establish itself as one of the most impressive. Minecraft build out there. An exciting prospect of recreating New Jersey in Minecraft is that players will not have to deal with the traffic on I-95, but instead can be transported directly to the most important landmarks of the state using the mechanics of the game. Already created structures, such as Metlife Stadium and Pulaski Skyway, are extremely promising, but there is still a long way to go until all the beauty of New Jersey is reproduced.

Building in MinecraftWhether in Creative or Survival mode, it’s a tall order. Building a real-life structure on a 1: 1 scale is even more difficult. New Jersey also has many cities to replicate, which will make the BTE New Jersey project even more challenging. Amazing cityscapes in Minecraft They have been built before, but those projects take years, even for a single city. Maybe if more users join the work, the work will go faster, but the team certainly has a lot of work ahead of it.

Someday, Minecraft players will be able to explore college campuses and the beautiful boardwalks of the Jersey Shore. Hopefully, once this project is complete, fans won’t have to deal with something like a Bridgegate digital scandal preventing them from getting to work on time. Of course, a stop at a local Wawa in-game could make up for whatever traffic BTE New Jersey chooses to replicate.

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