My Hero Academia: how to get started with anime and manga

Here’s what fans and potential newcomers should know about the ever-popular My Hero Academia, including where to read and watch it.

Superheroes are everywhere in today’s media, and the same goes for anime and manga. Two of the biggest examples of this are One hit man and Kohei Horikoshi’s My hero academito. The latter in particular is known for combining a love for western superhero comics and the scholarly fiction that is prevalent in shonen manga and anime.

Even with the manga now reaching its conclusion, My hero academiaThe popularity continues to grow. Here’s everything recent fans and potential newcomers need to know about the ever-popular shonen series, including where to read and watch it.

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Where to read My Hero Academia

The world of My hero academia it’s full of characters with special “quirks,” a term for unique superpowers that manifest themselves across much of the population. Some people use these unique gifts to help others by working as professional superheroes. Izuku Midoriya longs to become a hero like his All Might idol, but ironically, he is one of the few people without a gift of his own. However, Izuku soon receives his own Gift after showing his bravery. This leads him to attend UA high school to train and become a true hero. The series combines many of Horikoshi’s interests, drawing on Western comics and superhero movies, as well as movies like Star Wars.

The manga began publication in 2014, with more than 300 chapters assembled in 30 tankobon volumes. There are also several derivative products in the form of My Hero Academia Smash !!, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Y My Hero Academia: Team Missions, as well as manga adaptations of the first two anime films. These can be read online as individual chapters through the distributor Viz Media. website, where the collected volumes can also be purchased. They are also physically available through School Y Amazon, as well as traditional retailers such as Barnes & Noble, One-million-books Y Walmart.

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Where to see My Hero Academia

The rapid rise of the My hero academia The manga led to the Bones studio anime adaptation hitting the airwaves soon after. The anime began airing in the spring of 2016 and has so far racked up 90 episodes in five seasons. Season 5 has just started, making it the best time to dive into the ever-growing series.

There was also an OVA prior to the anime’s airing, released in 2016 with limited edition versions of the manga. Two films – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Y My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – have been released and can be purchased to view through Amazon Prime Video, just like the anime series. The show can also be streamed through Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu, with the dubbing and subs available. DVDs and Blu-Rays for the program are available to purchase through Amazon, Walmart and RightStufAnime.

This gives viewers a wealth of options for how they want to watch the series, making it easier than ever to watch the nearly 100 episodes of My hero academia.

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