Netflix’s live-action film Gundam recruits Kong: Skull Island director

Netflix announces Kong: Skull Island’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts as director and producer of Legendary’s first live-action Gundam film.

Netflix has announced that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct and produce the next live-action Gundam film for Legendary Entertainment. The film will be an adaptation of the popular Gundam franchise that launched in Japan in 1979 with the series, Gundam Mobile Suit, about giant robots (the headlines “mobile suits”) used in militaristic settings. With more than forty years of success, the Gundam The franchise has cultural influences on everything from anime and video games to plastic models.

The film will be the first live-action, non-made-for-television version of the massively popular franchise outside of an appearance of the Gundam costume at the end of Ready Player One in 2018. While few details have been released so far, fans were excited in 2019 when comic book favorite Brian K. Vaughan signed on to write the film’s script. The film is being developed as a partnership between Legendary Entertainment and Japanese Animation Studio, Sunrise, along with Pacific Rim 2 producer, Cale Boyter.

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Starting the post on Twitter with “Grab your Mobile Suits!NXOnNetflix made the announcement of Vogt-Roberts as director and producer of the first live-action film Gundam movie. Vogt-Roberts previously directed Kong: Skull Island for Universal’s MonsterVerse. He is currently working on the Metal Gear Solid film he will direct after co-writing the script with Derek Connolly.

Leader Kong: Skull Island probably gave Vogt-Roberts some valuable experience with large-scale CGI and motion capture suits, which will be necessary when working with massive mechanical suits to Gundam movie. However, with Vogt-Roberts also committed to running the Metal Gear Solid film, there is a fear that he over-committed to two franchise films with high levels of fan expectations in the same time frame. The Gundam Fans, in particular, are going to be especially picky, like the last attempt at a live-action adaptation in 1999, titled G-Salvador, was heavily criticized for the way the mobile suits were worn and for the cliché writing.

After seeing his work on Kong: Skull IslandIt seems that Vogt-Roberts is the right man for the job. He’s passionate about some of the more niche pop culture movies fans want to see, and he doesn’t seem to be afraid to take on some of the most daunting challenges. Peter Jackson himself tried to address a King kong and it wasn’t well received, and Vogt-Robert made a Kong movie just a few years later. Now he’s tackling the ruin of Hollywood with his next project, a video game adaptation featuring Metal Gear Solid. And after that, he will try to adapt a 40-year-old franchise with original anime, manga, cartoon, and video game stories. Ironically, even with that, after the previous Vogt-Roberts films, Gundam it might not even be your hardest movie to make. Still, you’d better put the suit on.

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