Nevers powers explained: the turn of each affected person

From HBO The Nevers focuses on a group known as the Headdresses, each of whom possesses extraordinary powers, known as turns. The science series has made headlines due to the involvement of Joss Whedon, who created the show and directed some of its episodes. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been the subject of controversy and fierce criticism after Buffy The stars accused Whedon of harassment and toxic behavior. Even though it came out The Nevers Midway through season 1 production, with Philippa Goslett taking over as showrunner for the second half of the season, many are understandably grappling with how to approach Whedon’s job.

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Still, looking beyond the real-life controversies surrounding The Nevers, the series has an intriguing hook. The story takes place during the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign, with London experiencing the appearance of the ‘Touched’ people. Made up largely of women, Headdresses are notable for the strange abilities they suddenly manifest. Its appearance turns out to be divisive; certain individuals with a progressive bent, such as the wealthy Lavinia Bidlow (Olivia Williams, Doll’s House) defend the Headdresses and create an orphanage for them. Others see the group as a threat to be faced.

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The strange powers of the Headgear, known as “twists”, vary. It is revealed, at the end of The Nevers‘debut episode, that these turns may have been granted by a strange ship flying over London on a Monday without incident. The ship appears to cast bright lights that affect only the Headdresses, fundamentally changing them, while others simply went back to their day once the ship passed. Here’s what we know so far about turns and which characters have them.

Amalia true

Los Nevers - Amalia True (Featured)

Amalia (strangerLaura Donnelly) is a touched woman whose turn allows her to glimpse the future. She refers to these flashes as ripplings, showing her brief, vague snapshots of what will happen at a later time. The way the twist works, in practice, is that Amalia feels a sudden jolt that leaves her momentarily uneasy. In the premiere episode, Amalia also demonstrates exceptional fighting skills. As a character, she bravely protects the Headdresses, but is also somewhat emotionally cautious.

Adair Penance

The Nevers - Penance

Penance (Ann Skelly of Vikings) is an inventor. His turn grants him the ability to see energy. As described in the program, energy works in a similar way to electricity. Penance can see how energy moves, which helps with his inventions. She uses these inventions, at some points, to help Amalia. Other inventions, such as automated vehicles, are for more practical use and for negotiation. Penance is Amalia’s best friend and one of the first women to join her cause.


Nevers disease

Disease (TorchwoodAmy Manson) derives her power from pain. She is a serial killer on the loose who has gained notoriety for killing five psychoanalysts. At the end of the premiere, it is revealed that Maladie got her turn just as she was being committed to an institution against her will. Maladie’s turn is manifested in the way her eyes change color.

Mary Brighton

The Nevers Mary featured

Mary (Repeat love wedding star Eleanor Tomlinson) is a singer. This talent comes in handy during a crucial scene in the premiere episode, as Mary temporarily stops Maladie’s rampage at the theater by singing a song that only affects Touched. The song temporarily distracts Maladie, seeming to reassure her, but Mary is eventually kidnapped by Maladie. The character also attracts the attention of Amalia, who believes that Mary’s turn is the key to uniting all the Headdresses.

Annie “Bonfire” Carbey

The vertical of Annie de Nevers

Annie (GuiltRochelle Neil) is distinguished by a twist that allows her to create and manipulate fire. Annie makes her first appearance in The Nevers alongside Maladie, acting as a bodyguard. Her powers come in handy, as she prevents Amalia from reaching Maladie. Unlike her partner, Annie seems much more calm and relaxed about her abilities.

Horatio cousens

The Nevers Horatio Featured

Horacio (Sleep doctor star Zackary Momoh) is a doctor. His turn grants him healing abilities. Although he was one of the few successful West Indian doctors in London, married with a young son, Horacio’s fortunes changed when he met Amalia and discovered his own powers. When told that he might be working for the Royals, rather than curing the Touched, he replies wryly that his powers would only label him a voodoo witch doctor.

Myrtle Haplisch

Nevers myrtle featured

Although she understands the English language, Myrtle (The WizardViola Prettejohn) has a twist that makes her speak only foreign languages ​​that she would have no way of learning. At the beginning of The Nevers, Myrtle is rescued by Amalia and Penance. The character seems excited to be living among other Touched people and away from a family that literally cannot understand her.

Primrose chattoway

The Nevers Primrose Featured

Primrose (Anna Devlin, All the money in the world) is a 16-year-old girl, although her turn makes her up to ten feet tall. It is implied that Primrose has been abandoned by her family and has been left with the Headdresses at the orphanage. Her spirits improve when she meets Myrtle, who is similar to her in age.

August Bidlow

The Auggie Nevers featured

AugustDa Vinci’s demons star Tom Riley) is Lavinia’s younger brother. Although clearly puzzled by the Headgear, Augustus is revealed to be one of them at the end of The Nevers‘premiere episode. So far it is not clear what his turn is.

Lucy better

The Nevers Lucy Highlights

Lucy (Elizabeth Berrington, Summer murders) is granted a turn, allowing him to break objects by touching them. The character is attentive to Primrose, although the two seem to have a troubled relationship. She is described as relying on her wit and positive spirit to hide her tragic past.

Desirée Blodgett

The Nevers Desiree featured

Desirée (Ella Smith, Hoff the Record). Her turn forces others to reveal their secrets in her presence, which is both useful and dangerous since what she has heard from powerful men could get her killed. She is dedicated to her six-year-old son who, conversely, never speaks.

Harriet kaur

Harriet (Black mirrorKiran Sonia Sawar) is an aspiring lawyer. His turn grants him the ability to transform objects into glass. Harriet, a young Scottish Sikh, is fortunate to be accepted by her family, even though she lives with the Headdresses. The character is described as optimistic, though not naive, and determined to get on with his life the way he planned it.

Nicolas Perbal

The Nevers Nicolas Featured

Nicolas (Martyn Ford, Kingsman: the golden circle) is the quintessential henchman, given a twist that leaves him smelling unpleasant. In the premiere episode of The Nevers, he has been seen working for Nick Frost’s Beggar King, although he’s not picky about who he does business with.

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