One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki and 9 smaller anime heroes that pack a big punch

Many classic protagonists from the world of anime have an imposing appearance. Action heroes like Son Goku, All Might, Jonathan Joestar, and many others are muscular dudes, and their appearances loudly declare “I’m strong!” Many western comic book heroes are like this too, but some heroic anime characters are strong … and short.

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A variety of anime heroes and villains alike boast remarkable techniques, speed, strength, or intelligence, despite being small, and these characters are not to be taken lightly due to their small build. In particular, who are ten anime heroes who have a big impact despite being a bit short? Some of them aren’t even adults yet, but they could show Goku or All Might how it’s done.

10 Tatsumaki, aka Tornado Of Terror (One-Punch Man)

Anime One-Punch Man Tatsumaki Stern

Saitama is the invincible bald man with a cloak of One hit man fame, but he’s not the only powerful hero around here. There’s also the matter of Tatsumaki, the # 2 ranked hero, and his sister Blizzard. Both sisters stand out from all the muscular dudes around them, like Puri-Puri Prisoner or Tank Top Master.

Tatsumaki is older than he looks and has his spoiled side. But more importantly, Tatsumaki takes his duty seriously and his telekinetic powers are absolutely devastating. Not even a barrage of projectiles from an alien battleship could make her sweat.

9 Edward Elric, The Shorty Alchemist (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

edward confident smile fullmetal alchemist

The hero of this series, Edward Elric, is known for several things, from his short temper to his automail right arm and left leg. And, of course, he is known to be quite a short guy, something he can’t stand.

But Edward’s height isn’t just a visual joke. Edward can use his small body to his advantage, disorienting enemies who are used to fighting taller and larger enemies. Edward can also back this up with impressive alchemy and sharp martial arts.

8 Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo’s supernatural friend (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki is a Soul Reaper, a long-lived spirit who fights against Hollows, or monstrous evil spirits. She was soon overshadowed by Ichigo Kurosaki himself, but Rukia is still a beloved (and powerful) character anyway.

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Rukia can use a sword in battle and her talent for kido spells is remarkable. What’s more, Rukia’s ice cream shikai (Sode no Shirayuki) and bankai (Hakka no Togame) can freeze any enemy, even the mighty Sternritter As Nodt. And Rukia doesn’t even break 5’0 “.

7 Koichi Hirose, Morioh’s newest hero (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo Bizarre Koichi Echoes Act 3 Attack

Josuke Higashikata is the hero of the The diamond is unbreakable story arc, and his two Stand-using allies are Koichi Hirose and Okuyasu Nijimura. Koichi wasn’t even a Stand user at first, but he soon became one, thanks to that Stand arrow.

Technically, Koichi is taller than he looks, but it’s still easy to categorize him as a short anime hero, and he can make clever use of his Stand, Echoes, based on sound and gravity. Nobody sees it coming.

6 Makarov Dreyar, guildmaster Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail)

fairy tail makarov dreyar

Makarov Dreyar is a powerful wizard, like his grandson, Laxus, but he is much shorter than the towering Laxus. Makarov may be a diminutive old man, but he has earned his rank as a Fairy Tail Guildmaster.

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For one thing, Makarov can execute Fairy Law and crush anyone he considers an enemy. He can also use magic to expand his arms to great size (and strength), or become a colossus by expanding his entire body. That is sure to take your enemies by surprise.

5 Megumin, the blast witch (Komosuba)

a young megumin with a satisfied smile on her face

Megumin is a bit short, being a 13-year-old girl who grew up without much food on the table. She may be small and slender, but her magical talents are robust, and Megumin is determined to become a legend one day.

Megumin was one of the best students in her hometown of Crimson Demon’s hometown, and in battle, she can use her unique spell, Blast, to destroy her enemies and the terrain alike. Despite its shortcomings, this spell packs a punch, and Megiumin only gets better over time. Impressive.

4 Filo, the unofficial daughter of Naofumi (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

The rebellious shield hero, Naofumi Iwatani, needs a full adventure party to survive, and began by recruiting Raphtalia, a demi-human. Naofumi then hatched a subsidiary and simply named her Filo.

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Filo is young and has a long way to go. Still, this young adventurer is a smart and tenacious fighter, and Naofumi made sure to get some metal claws to hold onto Filo’s claws and enhance his melee attacks (Filo can transform into a bird).

3 Hinata Hyuga, in part I (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga was born into the main branch of the prestigious Hyuga family, with the eye of Byakugan. Hinata was a petite girl who didn’t fully use her talents at first, holding her back.

However, Hinata soon learned to stand up for herself when Naruto gave her a pep talk, and fully used her talents and taijutsu to give her prodigy cousin Neji a proper fight. Later, Hinata grew even stronger and Naruto trusted her more than once later.

two Nobara Kugisaki, the hammer sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara fights with Momo, Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara Kugisaki is a member of Yuji Itadori’s team, along with Megumi, and Nobara certainly knows what he’s doing. His fighting style mainly revolves around his hammer and magic nails, and with that hammer, Nobara can hit those nails and strike his enemies from afar.

Nobara is much tougher than she looks, measuring just 5’3 “and not particularly muscular, either. Still, sheer muscle doesn’t mean everything in the wizarding world, and Nobara’s enemies quickly learn to take her very seriously. But it is usually too late.

1 Nezuko Kamado, the kind Demon Sister (Demon Hunter)

Tanjiro and Nezuko (Demon Slayer):

Nezuko Kamado turned into a demon overnight, but he won’t let that define who he is. Nezuko, by sheer force of will, clings to her human heart and identity, refusing to feed on people, even when tempted.

In battle, it is primarily his brother Tanjiro who fights, but at times, Nezuko cracks his knuckles and launches fierce melee attacks at his enemies (usually kicks). She can even use demon blood arts, and she and Tanjiro teamed up against the mighty Rui in a spectacular fight. Nezuko is short and can be shortened even more to fit in that wooden backpack, but she is not weak or helpless in any measure.

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