Pennyworth just completely changed the DC Comic Canon

In the Pennyworth season 2 finale, the EPIX series delivers a truly shocking ending that completely alters DC canon and Batman mythology.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 10 of Pinch, “The Lion and the Lamb,” which aired on Sunday on EPIX.

Season 2 of Pinch has been slowly preparing for the arrival of DC’s greatest character. Even before the start of the season, it was confirmed that Martha Kane would become pregnant, something that marked Bruce Wayne’s arrival in the Batman prequel series. After getting closer to Thomas Wayne once more, Martha found out she was pregnant in “The Rose and Thorn” and recently broke the news to the future father – a conversation that honestly could have gone a lot better.

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Thomas’s sister predicted that Martha was pregnant with a boy, which was expected, of course, and something that prepared fans to welcome Bruce Wayne into the fold. Now, in the season 2 finale, Martha finally gives birth, but instead of the boy everyone expected, the baby is revealed to be a girl.

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While Martha was only a few months pregnant in the last episode of the series, the final minutes of “The Lion and the Lamb” advance six months in time. Half a year later, the war between the English League and the New Raven Alliance is still raging in London. Martha and Thomas, now a married couple, are preparing for the arrival of their son next week. However, the resurgent threat of war causes Martha to go into labor in her apartment. The couple receives help from a nurse who delivers the baby and after delivery, she reveals that the boy is a girl.

Of course, both Martha and Thomas are happy with the news, but they don’t understand the huge ramifications of this gender reveal. With the couple now parents to a girl, this completely alters the Batman mythology because, in the comics, Bruce Wayne does not have an older sister. In fact, it is well known that he is an only child. Since the episode ends with this reveal, it is unclear where Pinch will take this story, but it essentially means one of two things.

For one thing, this could mean that the series just featured Bruce Wayne’s older sister. While that character doesn’t exist in the comics, it could end up being the show’s twist on Lincoln March. In the New 52 era, Lincoln March was a member of the Court of Owls who believed he was Bruce Wayne’s secret older brother. His identity was never confirmed and the validity of his claims was left up in the air. it’s possible Pinch he simply took a page out of this story by introducing Bruce Wayne’s real older brother.

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However, it is also possible that the series has changed genre to the character of Bruce Wayne. Making the character feminine, Pinch would make a bold change that would play up to the expectations of fans of the series. Of course, there is a precedent for a female version of Bruce Wayne in the comics. The series of events Dark Nights: Metal featured Bryce Wayne, an alternate Batman villain hailing from the Dark Multiverse. Such a turn could mean that Pinch takes place on an alternate Earth, and that could mean even more changes to comic book canon are expected should the series return for a third season.

Either way, if the series changed Bruce Wayne’s gender or featured his sister, Pinch just delivered a promising twist full of possibilities. Everything has changed for Alfred and his allies, and fans are eager to see where it leads.

Developed by ex Gotham collaborators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, Pinch stars Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth, Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne, Jason Flemyng as Lord Harwood, Paloma Faith as Beth Sykes, Ryan Fletcher as Dave Boy, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Bazza, Jessica Ellerby as the Queen, and Simon Manyonda as Lucius Fox. .

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