Permanent events you cannot redo in NieR Replicant Remaster

NieR Replicant Remaster takes home that actions have consequences. Many story beats in the game will close access to events and details.

The remaster of the original NieR Replicator is coming soon. While the game’s first release went mostly under the radar, the huge success of its sequel NieR automata brought a greater interest (and some confusion) about the lore and state of the first game. While the remaster should be true to its namesake, with designer Yoko Taro’s story of surprises, there is a high probability that NieR Replicant Remaster has secrets and Easter eggs for veteran players.

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A staple of the series is the permanent repercussions of past events. This comes in the form of quests, lore, and powers that can only be experienced once. If they are bypassed by players, they will not only need to restart a new save file, but will also need to clean up their system. This can be overwhelming at times, as many of these missions can award special items and other rewards.

Missed Events in NieR Replicant Remaster

Fighting the Jack of Hearts in Nier Replicant Remaster

NieR Replicant Remaster It is divided into two main sections: childhood, followed by a timeskip leading to adulthood. Childhood can only be played once in a given profile, and the full name will need to be reset to experience it again. Adulthood has certain events that unfold only once, and even going through a new game mode plus will drastically alter them, including endings.

Childhood events

Childhood has a completely separate set of side quests that must be completed before time skips. They are on three main axes: Village, Seafront and Facade. Missions award items, money, and / or experience points that make them worth doing. It’s especially important to do everything inside Aerie, as the area will turn into a dead zone shortly after completing Junk Heap. Side missions that are started but not completed will remain on the menu without a way to clear them. The 36 missions available include:

  • A wayward dog: find the old man’s dog in the north plans
  • A return from shopping: bring three Bounty fertilizers from Seafront to the florist
  • Wild boar hunting: Defeat the boar mini-boss in Northern Plains
  • Book Smarts: sort and rearrange several books in the village library
  • Fragile delivery: deliver a package to the highest point in Aerie
  • Fragile delivery 2: deliver a package to the Seafront Tavern
  • Fragile delivery 3: deliver a package to the Facade gun shop
  • Herbal remedies: bring two medicinal herbs from the northern plains to Popola
  • Old-fashioned home cooking: Take ten pieces of lamb to the woman near the village fountain.
  • On the wings of eagles: bring an eagle egg from Aerie to the tavern
  • Shopping list: bring three tulip bulbs from Seafront to the Village florist
  • The ballad of the twins: listen to the duet sung by Devola and Popola. Popola will order multiple items on Seafront
  • The Mission of the Guardians: talk to the blacksmith’s wife
  • The lost eggs: bring a chicken egg near the fountain to the tool shop
  • The Runaway Son: find the lost son at the Seafront Post Office, who will request lamb and goat. He returns to his father in the Village and then returns to the Seafront. The son will flee to Facade and then to the desert where he must be saved from the wolves.
  • The Gift of Travel Keeper: bring medicinal herbs, berries and royal ferns to the innkeeper
  • Yonah’s Gift: give a melon, a watermelon and a pumpkin to Yonah
  • Yohnah’s Home Cooking: gave Yonah wheat and venison
  • A signature dish: bring wheat, sardines and medicinal herbs to the waterfront tavern
  • The late letter: deliver a letter to Aerie and defeat the Shadow that appears when attempting to leave the area
  • Enjoy your meal: bring a cookbook from the library to the tavern. Then the owner will order bags of rice, sharks, and mushrooms.
  • Bon Appetit 2: bring tavern owner more bags of rice and catfish
  • Closing: talk to the postman on the boardwalk
  • The fisherman’s gambit: catch sardines with worms
  • The fisherman’s gambit 2: catch puffer fish with earworms
  • The fisherman’s gambit 3: catch rainbow trout with lures
  • The fisherman’s gambit 4: catch bream with a lure
  • The fisherman’s gambit 5: catch Black Bass with a lure
  • The Wrath of the Lighthouse Lady: solve a puzzle in the back room of the post office
  • The lover’s pride: bring a Flourite de Facade to the man near the lighthouse
  • The new merchant in town: bring wool, natural rubber and goatskins to the ship docked at Seafront
  • The postman’s request: take a letter from the postman to the old lady at the lighthouse
  • Apology from a fool: Collect the Wolf Skins for the Facade Trader.
  • Unknown element: give a watermelon to the woman looking for “round, peeled food objects”
  • The smallest hero: Head to the desert and rescue the son of the weapons dealer from the wolves.
  • The lost girl: Look for the bloodstain on the lower level of Facade. Next, head out into the desert and look for the source of sand.
  • A tangled message– Pass exact messages from one NPC to another, like a phone game

Also, it may be a good idea to collect all the words used to improve weapons, magic, and martial arts. If they are not obtained in childhood, they will no longer be available by killing shadows and will be trapped behind the quest of adulthood. The magic stone.

Early adulthood events

From the first time to adulthood, the narrative will closely follow Nier’s perspective. However, attempting a New Game Plus will shift attention to other characters, such as Kaine, Emil, and even shadow enemies; including a complete translation of the confusing language of the shadows. The first time adulthood is completed is also the only time ending A can be accessed, as it will no longer occur in subsequent games.

Young Adulthood also has some exclusive Word enhancements that will no longer be obtainable in the new plus game. It’s a good idea to farm them all in the field before challenging the final boss. It is also important to complete all the side quests that unlock Words, especially The Magic Stone from the Forest of Myths. While the mission cannot be repeated, it will still allow access to childhood words during New Game Plus.

New Game Plus events

New Game Plus will at first seem like an improved version of the adulthood sections, however it will also greatly change the possible endings and mechanics. Ending B will only play once. While Ending C can be viewed an infinite number of times, Ending D will permanently erase all saved files (including profile names used by other potential users of the same console or PC) and prohibit the use of the same profile name again.

However, when the delete is activated, it will only scan the saved files that are currently on the system. Players who want to preserve their progress can cheat the process by copying or moving saved files ahead of time. Naming restrictions can also be removed by removing NieR Replicant RemasterUser Data. While this may go against the narrative spirit of the game, it still ensures that players can strengthen their character through countless battles.

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NieR Replicant Remaster launches April 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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