Pokémon GO Ban Wave Reportedly Targets Innocent Players

Pokémon GO players are being hit with multi-week bans after a single offense, or are supposedly not cheating at all.

A number of Pokemon go Players face repeated seven-day bans after just one cheating violation, or none in some reported cases. The problem is potentially serious, as developer Niantic has a three-hit anti-cheat policy that could end up banning some Pokemon go players permanently (assuming the system is correctly recording new offenses, which it does not appear to be).

Without a doubt, the mobile ARG for iOS and Android has a serious cheating problem. In February, Niantic said it had penalized or banned around 5 million players from all of its games in 2020, including Entry Y Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Of these, more than 20 percent were permanent bans. However, it also boasts that 90 percent of the people who received a warning stopped cheating immediately and are investing in “new and emerging technologies“while improving existing ones to detect exploits. Location spoofing tools are easily the most common weapons among cheaters, allowing Pokemon go players to “travel” anywhere at will.

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About a dozen players reported unjustified bans to Eurogamer. Some of them maintain their utter innocence, while others admit that they were justly penalized for faking their location once before coming to a complete stop. However, they all report that they have now received multiple one-week bans without cause. One player who admitted to cheating initially noted that they were technically on their fourth strike after a single incident, but they have not been issued any permaban. Another said they tried to appeal their ban, but only received a canned response and no response to a follow-up email. Still more have contacted Niantic and haven’t heard from to date.

Pokemon Go Pickachu costume

While it hasn’t said anything public about the latest incidents, Niantic has previously acknowledged similar claims of undeserved bans. That may support the idea that your anti-cheat system is overreacting and / or overly sensitive, presumably due to the intensified developer campaign to clean Pokemon goact. The game is not as directly competitive as something like Obligations or League of Legends, so cheats don’t always affect the experience of others. However, the introduction of coach battles and ever-present competition to be among the first to catch them all and become the best to ever be makes spoofing not a victimless crime.

The best evidence that Niantic’s technology is not working as expected is that players are receiving multiple seven-day bans. Normally, a second offense would result in a 30-day ban, followed by a permanent ban. That may give hope to some affected players that Pokemon go punishments can and will be reversed. Despite having issues with customer feedback, Niantic’s support team is very active, given regular in-game events aimed at increasing the number of players.

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Pokemon go it is available on iOS and Android.

Sources: Eurogamer

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