Regé-Jean Page reportedly dropped Bridgerton season 2 over creative differences

Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page declined an offer to return for season 2 due to creative differences with Shonda Rhimes’s team.

Bridgerton Star Regé-Jean Page reportedly turned down an offer to return for season 2 due to creative differences with Shonda Rhimes’s team. During the first season of the hit Netflix series set in Regency England, which is inspired by the books of the same name by Julia Quinn, Page played the role of the conceited and witty Simon Basset, also known as the Duke of Hastings. Her character had a flirtatious relationship with protagonist Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and, after battling various conflicts and miscommunication, the couple eventually fell in love and married. After the launch of Bridgerton, Page became a fan favorite for his provocative portrayal of Daphne’s unlikely love interest.

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Along with the entire cast, Dynevor and Page received praise for their portrayal of the Bridgerton characters in relation to the larger story. It is worth noting it considering that, shortly after its premiere, Bridgerton became a pop culture phenomenon. According to Netflix, the soap drama recorded more than 82 million views in its first month, making it the largest series on the streaming platform. The wildly popular season quickly stimulated a devoted social media fan base, many of whom pushed for its quick renewal. Page himself garnered significant attention for his role, eventually culminating in a list of movie offerings for future projects.

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When it was learned that Page would not return to Bridgerton for season 2, the original arc of a season of the role was noted as the reason. The story of the Duke of Hastings, after all, ends in book one of the series. But how Page six exclusively reports, The actor’s decision to decline a reprise of his role was also based on the duke’s lower involvement in the proposed season 2 story:

“Regé will not return to Bridgerton due to creative differences with [executive producer] Shonda Rhimes and her team … He was unhappy with what was planned for his character for Season 2, which would have kept him as a player but not the focal point of the show. “

Bridgerton Season 2, and each subsequent installment, will reportedly follow the structure of its source material and focus on a different brother from the Bridgerton family. If the show is to follow the progression of the books’ stories, the next installment should focus on Anthony Bridgerton, Daphne’s older brother, as he navigates the social mores of upper-class society. Sex education Student Simone Ashley has been cast as her love interest Kate Sharma. While Daphne and the Duke of Hastings are no longer the core of the series, their presence will continue to be recognized. Although Page has exited the show, Dynevor will once again play his beloved character.

Despite Page’s unexpected departure from Bridgerton Season 2, your character is sure to live in the lush world of the Bridgerton family. It’s unfortunate that he chose not to return, even in a reduced capacity, but at least the show promises not to erase its overall mark on history. Yes Bridgerton in fact, it goes on for numerous seasons, it’s always possible that Page will return at some point. More importantly, it should be intriguing to witness how, exactly, Anthony’s character evolves as the lead when the next chapter of the show opens.

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