REVIEW: Rain on Your Parade Combines Simplicity, Creativity, and Schadenfreude

Rain on Your Parade is a quirky and delightful indie game that offers the kind of chaotic and hilarious fun that fans of Untitled Goose Game will enjoy.

Over the years, a game sub-genre focused solely on causing mischief, as otherwise mundane creatures, objects, or natural phenomena has gained popularity. Titles like Untitled goose game, Donut County Y Damacy of Katamari They have been noted for their innovative gameplay concepts that appeal to people’s often repressed urge to be simply chaotic. Creations unleashed ‘ Rain on your parade joins that lineage.

On Rain on your parade, players control a cloud called Cloudy who, as the title suggests, enjoys ruining weddings, beach days, and other outdoor activities by showing up at inconvenient times and causing impromptu rainstorms that drench so many people and cause the most damage. possible. However, in addition to those, Cloudy’s adventures take him to less obvious (or physically possible) places where he discovers new ways to wreak havoc.

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Rain on your paradeThe levels are loosely linked by a light weave. The entire game is framed as a story that a grandfather tells his grandson about a cloud that he claims to have known once. Between levels, this turns into something of a hero’s journey through Cloudy, although Cloudy is far from being a traditional hero. At each level, Cloudy receives at least one main objective, as well as a few optional ones. Not all levels are tied to these characters, or even the other NPC players will meet along the way, but it’s nice to have some reason to why Cloudy is doing what he is doing.

As the players advance Rain on your parade and their wildly unpredictable and creative level concepts will unlock new abilities. In addition to raining, Cloudy can unleash thunder and lightning, snow and tornadoes, and can also absorb liquids other than water, such as oil and acid. The skills themselves are pretty simple, especially after trying them out and seeing how they can be used together, so it’s really impressive how different each level feels. There are many ways that players can use Cloudy’s basic abilities to complete very different tasks.

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While many levels are simply trying to ruin people’s days with a sudden change in the weather (or dealing with Cloudy’s nemesis, Doctor Dryspell), the game also varies wildly in tone, scope, and even genre. Some levels experiment with game elements like stealth, shooter, and action, while others pay homage to games like The legend of Zelda Y Metal Gear Solid or tv shows like The office.

The sheer variety runs the risk of making the experience feel disjointed, but the creativity of each level complements the game’s mechanical simplicity. Rain on your parade contains some really challenging levels and objectives, and rewards players for completing them by giving them new hats and items to customize Cloudy. However, the game lures players to keep playing less out of a sense of progression or skill enhancement, but primarily by making them wonder what might happen next.

Rain on your parade it’s the kind of game that has no problem being completely absurd. From the first level, where Cloudy rains at a wedding and (somehow) manages to throw furniture everywhere, the game makes it clear that he is forgoing a realistic physics engine to prioritize maximum comic potential. But while the game’s main draw is obviously unleashing chaos and evoking a feeling of schadenfreude, it often draws the line between slapstick mayhem and outright ruthlessness, potentially crossing at some points in ways other games like this one. they don’t really allow.

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Sure, the hideous Goose is a jerk who steals a kid’s glasses, tricks him into paying for a toy he brought from home, and traps him in a phone booth, but there’s a difference between that and being able to rain corrosive acid on a crowd. . Strike a person with lightning and make a small skull appear next to them, or set an entire city on fire. Of course, a lot of that depends on the player; those who want to cause trouble but not harm can generally avoid it by being careful where hazardous materials are raining down. Still, having such options gives the game some dark undertones that keep it from being really light-hearted.

However, in general Rain on your parade is a simple yet incredibly creative mayhem simulator with so much to offer. Its straightforward controls make it easy to spot and start wreaking havoc like Cloudy, while its more complicated bonus objectives give players challenges to work towards. Plus, with over 50 levels that vary in scope and genre (and even more challenges to be encountered after finishing the game), players will get a lot of content for a relatively low entry price.

Developed and published by Unbound Creations, Rain on Your Parade launches April 15 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. The publisher provided a review copy.

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