Rim Of The World – Each main character, ranked by intelligence

McG’s Netflix Comedy Adventure Movie Edge of the world It serves as the director’s tribute to the “friendship movies” of the 1980s. These include movies like The Goonies, ET The Alien, Y stay by me. Each story focused on a group of young misfits who bond with each other as they embark on an adventure of their own. Edge of the world similarly, it takes place in the context of a summer camp witnessing an alien invasion.

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With most of the planet in danger, four children depend on each other’s strengths to survive the attack and preserve humanity. Like the aforementioned movies, not all friends have the same skills in Edge of the world. So while Alex relies on his immense scientific knowledge, Dariush lets his mouth get in the way of his intelligence.

8 Dariush

Benjamin Flores Jr.  edge of the world (1)

Frank, foul-mouthed, and overconfident, Dariush’s mouth often gets him into trouble. He’s not the smartest when it comes to saving himself or his friends from alien danger. For example, when the antagonist and his alien “dog” attack the gang, Dariush focuses more on screaming and running, rather than sneaking into hiding.

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Even towards the third act, he tries to show his bravery by looking for a launch key that they left in a car, all on his own. Again, this doesn’t prove to be a wise decision, as he ends up getting hurt by aliens.

7 Lou

Rim of the World - Lou behind bars

Although Lou tries to act intimidating, he hardly achieves his goals. Even after his Hannibal-like monologue in prison prompts the main characters to release him, he’s evidently bad when it comes to stealth.

Despite being aware of the alien attack, Lou is hell-bent on selling the key on the black market, not considering the possibility that there might not even be a black market left in the first place. He yells at the children, demanding the key, but forgets that aliens can detect the sound. His condescending demeanor might be understandable if he were on the inside. But since he’s outside, aliens can easily detect his voice and instantly kill Lou in a second.

6 Carl and logan

Carl and Logan discuss Toy Story over a campfire in a frame from Rim of the World

An instructor at Camp Rim Of The World, Carl seems not to be a very bright character. Despite being given the responsibility of supervising hordes of children, he hardly seems to keep order and instead is seen spending his time chatting with his fellow instructor, Logan. In fact, none of the camp instructors seem expert at their job.

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However, Carl is quite a thinker when it comes to film interpretations, as is clear from his analysis of Toy story. Instead of thinking of the Pixar classic as a children’s movie, look at it from a socio-political perspective. He finds an underlying metaphor for racism in the narrative, equating Andy as “the white man,” while the toys represent blacks.

5 Gabriel

Edge of the world - Gabriel.

Gabriel’s mathematical and analytical skills may be weak, but otherwise, he is a team player who can devise contingency plans in times of need. He is openly excited about helping the kids at camp while wanting to prove himself. Unlike Dariush (with whom he has several conflicts), Gabriel relies on stealth movements and is usually alert to detect any threat.

In this way, it is the perfect friend to accompany you in dangerous times. A child of few words, he also speaks when asked. The fact that he escaped from a juvenile detention camp could contribute to his ability to never blow his cover.

4 Major Collins

Edge of the World - Major Collins

Major Collins has prior experience as an expert astronaut. Collins is the one who gives the key to the four children and asks them to find the coordinates of the alien mothership. While her character arc is not as developed, as she is killed early in the film, Major Collins is a quick thinker who can make last minute decisions, even in times of crisis.

When her space capsule crashes into Earth, Collins is sure she doesn’t have long to live. And yet he tries to cope with the situation and manages to instruct the children to carry out their plans to prevent the extinction of the human race.

3 The alien

Rim of the World - The Alien.

The main villain of the film is an alien who appears to physically resemble the creatures of A peaceful place. Like the latter, the alien has a greater sense of hearing, although it also possesses infrared heat vision (much like “The Predator”). Her cranial capacity is uncertain as throughout the film, viewers simply find her fighting other humans who have a different level of intelligence.

At the same time, it is clear that the alien quickly adapts to the Earth’s environment and goes on the hunt right from the start. In the final scenes, his intelligence becomes clearer, as the alien chases the children on the road and subsequently in a military laboratory. Another noteworthy aspect is that the alien often follows its prey silently. Only when he is at close range does he emit a high-pitched screech and accelerate his pace. This shows that the alien is very conscious of targeting his victims without giving them any prior warning.

two ZhenZhen

Edge of the world - ZhenZhen.

A Chinese exchange student, ZhenZhen’s strength lies in the fact that she is a fast learner. Although his English is not perfect, he does learn the language by listening to other Americans and watching movies like Gladiator. In fact, he even memorizes the iconic speech from the film by Maximus (Russell Crowe).

She is the planner for the team, emphasizing thinking first rather than acting. And at the same time, you have an impulsive nature that, for the most part, works to your advantage. Despite his young age, he has also figured out how to drive a car and this skill proves to be crucial in one particular scene in the film. Compared to her peers, she is the one who least panics in front of the alien. While Alex is probably the smartest member of the team, his lack of physical prowess is made up for by ZhenZhen’s versatile personality.

1 Alex

Edge of the world - Alex.

In terms of physical activity, Alex doesn’t have much to brag about. He is rarely able to run, cannot ride a bike, and is often apprehensive about heights. However, despite these drawbacks, it has nourished his brain to great levels. Whether it is to find out the motivations of the alien on Earth to decipher the function of the key to scare the creature away, Alex quickly comes to logical conclusions.

As shown at the beginning of the film, he is usually locked inside his room and spends his time reading about outer space or studying and closely observing space missions. Unsurprisingly, he’s also a fan of pop culture (particularly when it comes to science fiction). His knowledge in physics and other general branches of science turns out to be quite helpful in the team’s mission. In general, too, Alex appears to have a very competent ability to memorize and recall information.

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