Single: Matt James and Grace Amerling are no longer together after Rachael’s visit

Former bachelor Matt James is no longer dating Rachael Kirkconnell or Grace Amerling after the two women found out he was talking to them at the same time.

Even though the season of Matt James The Bachelor finished, he’s still making news with the breakups, this time with a woman named Grace Amerling. Amid reports that the latest recipient of James’s rose and his ex-girlfriend, Rachael Kirkconnell, was visiting him in New York, Amerling came forward to claim that she, too, had been dating James. Now, it appears that both Kirkconnell and Amerling are done with the 29-year-old realtor.

Matt James met 24-year-old graphic designer Rachael Kirkconnell in his season of The Bachelor. Even though James ultimately decided he wasn’t ready for a proposal, he continued to date Kirkconnell after the show ended. As the show aired, photographic evidence emerged that Kirkconnell had participated in racist actions in the recent past, including attending an Old South dance. James ended their relationship in February and announced their separation publicly on the After the Final Rose special. Although Kirkconnell referred to James as “the love of [her] life “and expressed his desire to get back together one day, James seemed opposed to a future reconciliation.

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However, James and Kirkconnell sparked rumors that they were rekindling their romance after the two were spotted together in New York City. But just days after James and Kirkconnell met, reports from various outlets, including Us weekly It came to light that James was chasing another woman at the same time. Amerling joined Reality Steve’s Instagram Live to reveal that she and James had dated prior to their season of The Bachelor. Sources claim that he had even tried to get Amerling to join his cast as a contestant. After ending his relationship with Kirkconnell, James reached out to Amerling once more. Sources claim that James was asking Amerling to hang out even when he was buying a plane ticket for Kirkconnell to visit him in New York. After learning that James was pursuing them both, Kirkconnell and Amerling ended their relationships with James.

Although the alleged love triangle may seem lewd, sources close to James claim that the whole situation is simply a misunderstanding. They claim that James just wanted to strike up a platonic friendship with Kirkconnell and had made it clear to him that their romantic relationship was over. James and Kirkconnell have reportedly been in contact since their season ended and have supported each other through the intense media attention their relationship has received.

Since his season of The Bachelor ended in heartbreak, James has been distancing himself from the franchise. She has been working at her ABC Food Tours charity, focusing on personal care and hanging out with top-notch celebrities. And after the messy breakups with Kirkconnell and Amerling, it might be time for James to embrace the single life.

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