Snyder Cut Cameo by Granny Goodness created Justice League 2 & 3

Granny Goodness’ cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max created potential character and plot introductions in Justice League 2 and 3.

Granny Goodness appears in Zack Snyder’s Justice League establishing its prominence in Apokolips and establishing the pivotal role it may have played in Justice league 2 Y 3. Although the grandmother does not speak in the movie, appears alongside Darkseid, indicating a close relationship with the Lord of Apokolips. Officially, the exact nature of Granny’s role remains a mystery, although Snyder has confirmed a number of elements of her planned sequels.

Granny, although not mentioned by name, may have played a key role in these sequels. For those unfamiliar with Granny Goodness from DC comics and animation, she was captured as a child and trained as a soldier by Darkseid. After proving her worth and becoming a feared military leader, Granny was tasked with overseeing the “Orphanage” in Apokolips. There, he oversaw the production of loyal soldiers, trained by brainwashing and torture. Given the appearance of Granny (with “mega-rod” in hand) and the proximity to Darkseid in the Snyder cut, his combat skills and brutality may have taken center stage in the aftermath.

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Snyder has described his Justice league 3 plan as basically an “Invasion of the New Gods” movie, so it’s likely that Granny would have led the invasion of Earth with the Female Furies. The Female Furies are the elite warriors of Apokolips and Darkseid’s personal guard commanded by Granny and often led by Big Barda, another intimidating new God. Granny may also have had a role in Knightmare, where it stands to reason that Granny would have used the Furies as a strike team to hunt down Batman’s motley crew as they attempt to steal the Mother Box.

Zack Snyders Justice League Snyder Cut Darkseid Desaad Granny Goodness Apokolips

In many ways, Granny states Justice league 2 Y 3 acting as a bridge to other characters and situations that could serve to create additional obstacles for the League. That’s why his inclusion in the Snyder Cut is significant, especially knowing that Snyder had big plans for several of the New Gods. The additional time with her could have given him the opportunity to taunt various new gods like Kalibak, Darkseid’s eldest son, and Scott Free, a Darkseid prisoner who escapes to become Mister Miracle.

While Mister Miracle probably wouldn’t have appeared in a sequel, it’s the kind of Easter egg that Snyder loves to use because of the bigger story implications. Regardless, Granny’s presence in the so-called Snyderverse It opened up the DCEU to new worlds and characters to explore because, if it exists, it brings connections to a plethora of characters and stories to draw in future films.

Cameo from Granny Goodness on Zack Snyder’s Justice League provided a glimpse into an alternate future for the DCEU. One in which Granny Goodness could have been an integral part of Darkseid’s conquest of Earth and the elimination of Batman’s Knightmare team. Additionally, Granny’s cameo stands as an Easter egg for those who understand the meaning of her character in other media and recognize the possibilities her character represents. Regardless of Granny Goodness’s true intended role, it’s clear that Zack Snyder had plans for the character.

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