Star Wars: 10 Legends Stories That Could Have Saved The Sequel Trilogy

While he has his fans, he Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was a huge disappointment to vast swaths of the fandom. There were many reasons for this; wasted characters, recycled stories, disrespect for the events and characters of the Original Trilogy, etc. Contrary to what LFL President Kathleen Kennedy said, there was a wealth of source material to choose from: the stories of Star Wars Legends

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The legends contained many stories that could be re-canonized, and while there are also many stories that the sequel trilogy made impossible, the elements of the legends could have been used and improved upon all.

10 The X-Wing: Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron Novels Focusing on the Alliance Army and Introducing a New Villain

X-wing Rogue Squadron trimmed

The X-Wing: Rogue Squad Y Wraith Squad novels, by writers Michael Stackpole and the late Aaron Allston, focused on the adventures of the pilots of the Rogue and Wraith squadrons after the Battle of Endor and during the war against the Empire. While the Sequel trilogy’s time period prevents many of the elements of its story from being used, there are still plenty of things that could be used.

From villains like Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard or Warlord Zsinj, to characters like Corran Horn or Garik Loran, to starfighter action fans have always loved, there are many elements in these books that would have made things better in the Sequel trilogy. .

9 Since they ended up copying parts of Dark Empire anyway, they should have gone all the way

Making Palpatine the ultimate villain in the Sequel trilogy was a controversial decision for many reasons. This plot element was drawn from Dark Empire, that saw the Emperor return in a clone body and unleash new superweapons called World Devastators on the galaxy. However, he also added a bunch of other things, like Luke joining the Emperor, Han and Leia having an adventure in the lawless world of Nar Shadaa, and more.

The comic may only have had six issues, but there was enough to expand things and it would have been a lot more interesting than the sequels. Connect the new characters, tweak them a bit and Dark empire it could work quite well.

8 Star Wars: Legacy took place in the distant future and saw the rise of a new Sith empire

Many fans didn’t like the treatment of the original trilogy characters in the sequels, so the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to choose a time period where they aren’t alive. Enter the comic Star Wars: Legacy, by writer John Ostrander and artist Jan Duursema. Taking place more than a century after the movies, it saw Cade Skywalker fight a new Sith Empire that had engulfed the galaxy in a new conflict.

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Introducing all-new heroes and villains, Legacy it was a whole new look at the Star Wars universe that was familiar enough to fans of the Original Trilogy and full of potential for commercialization, something Disney is all about.

7 The Jedi Academy trilogy had a lot of potential

The Jedi Academy Trilogy Cut Out

The Jedi Academy Trilogy, By author Kevin J. Anderson, he was primarily concerned with Luke founding his Jedi Academy while the New Republic battled Imperial Admiral Daala and the superweapons from the secret Imperial space station called the Maw Facility. Almost everything about this story could have been used as the sequel trilogy.

The off-screen destruction of Luke’s academy was a huge waste and a trilogy based on these books would capitalize on the academy, allowing Lucasfilm to introduce new characters. Rey and Kylo Ren could still have been used, with Rey helping save the day for Kylo, ​​who had fallen under the rule of one of the trilogy’s villains, the Sith spirit Exar Kun.

6 Swarm War trilogy pits heroes against an ancient alien threat

Luke Skywalker Swarm War cropped

The swarm war trilogy, by author Troy Denning, saw the sprawling Skywalker and Solo clans grapple with the threat of the Killiks, an insectoid race led by a former Jedi. While it relied heavily on Legends continuity, the story itself could be tweaked enough to work without much of it. The Killiks could still be under the control of the Force users and new heroes could take the place of the young Jedi.

On top of that, the trilogy saw Leia finishing her Jedi training, using her Force powers and abilities in combat. It would also have been quite different from the original Trilogy, something many fans wanted from the Sequels.

5 The fate of the Jedi saw the return of the Sith and a new force of terror.

Fate of the Jedi, from authors Aaron Allston, Christie Golden, and Troy Denning, is another story that played a lot in the Legends continuity, but could still be tweaked to work without all of that. The main threats were a lost Sith tribe and the appearance of a being called Abeloth, a horror of the Lovecraftian Force, and he is full of potential.

All nine novels would have to be shortened a bit, but that wouldn’t be a big deal and there’s room in the story for both the heroes of the original trilogy and all the new characters that might take Star Wars in the future.

4 Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor saw Luke in their sole military command

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor cut out

Luke Skywalker and the shadows of Mindor, by author Matthew Stover, took place shortly after the Battle of Endor and saw Luke, a general of the Rebellion, command a military task force to take down the Director of Imperial Intelligence Blackhole. A prophet from the dark side, Blackhole had set a perfect trap for Luke.

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While the story would have to be altered due to the age of the main cast and to allow for new characters, as well as to soften the continuity of some Legends, Blackhole is a major dark side villain and the story could easily be expanded into three movies. full of new characters.

3 The legacy of force engulfed the war in a second civil war

The sequel trilogy already mined Legacy of strength, by authors Aaron Allston, Karen Traviss, and Troy Denning, for ideas. The nine book series focused on Han and Leia’s son Jacen who fell to the dark side and became the Sith Lord Darth Caedus and the civil war in which he enmeshed the galaxy and could easily become a trilogy. of movies.

Darth Caedus is everything Kylo Ren could have been if he were actually a threat to someone, Jaina Solo is King but really cool, and the story is only a million times better than the one in the Aftermath. The sequels would have been better based on this story.

two The Thrawn trilogy is considered the sequel trilogy by many

The Thrawn trilogy, by author Timothy Zahn, brought Star Wars back to the general public. With the heroes of the Rebellion facing a resurgent Empire under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn while introducing new heroes and villains, fans loved these books and started a Star Wars revival that led to the popularity of the legends continuity.

Thrawn was already included in canon at this point and could have easily become the villain of the sequels. The story would need some tweaking, but it would work perfectly for movies.

1 The new Jedi order presented an entirely new threat

The New Jedi Order It was a series of nineteen books by various authors that pitted the heroes of the New Republic against the invading hordes of the Yuuzhan Vong, an alien race from another galaxy. Religious fanatics who hated technology and used biotics instead of machines were the biggest threat the heroes had ever faced.

Weather The New Jedi Order It was quite dark and full of sad moments, it was a great story. The duration would definitely have to be shortened, but it was packed with movie potential, with all kinds of new characters and exciting action scenes ready for the big screen.

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