Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Here’s What Originally Happened To Lobot

Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s loyal assistant, is arrested by Stormtroopers in a scene from Empire. But what happened to him?

Lobot, the cyborg from Cloud City who served as Lando Calrissian’s assistant during The Empire Strikes Back, is the type of character Star Wars created apparently at will. It had no dialogue and was on screen for only a short period of time, and yet its appearance was so striking and its purpose so mysterious that it remained in the minds of the public despite its limited exposure.

Originally, the character was destined to have a much larger role in Empire. However, much of his dialogue was cut off as his role took shape, and the filmmakers decided that his cyber helmet would work better if he had no voice. Little is revealed about Lobot during the movie, but a deleted scene that is currently available on Disney + reveals that he was captured by Stormtroopers after the Empire took control of Cloud City. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what happened to Lobot and how his future is deeply tied to his past.

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Lando and Lobot in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Lando and Lobot were partners before reaching Bespin, although Lobot was a native of the planet. His adventures during that period were covered by the Marvel Comics miniseries. Country, which paints the two as close partners similar to Han and Chewie. The duo returned to Cloud City sometime after the Battle of Yavin, and Lobot’s earlier connection to Bespin may have influenced Lando’s presence there. Lobot served as the city’s chief administrator, with the help of his cybernetic implants, and eventually helped Lando free Princess Leia and her companions in The Empire Strikes Back.

The cut scene was meant to set up Lobot’s death, but the filmmakers wanted to keep their options open, which were removed from the film. They didn’t end up returning it to the original trilogy, but that deleted moment is still keeping up with developments in. Country. The clip reveals Lobot’s utter loyalty to Lando, who escapes thanks to the distraction the arrest provides, and quietly adds some nuance to Lando’s betrayal in Empire because if Lobot is that important to him, he might choose to protect his friend’s hometown over Han.

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Lobot’s story resumes in Aftermath: the end of the empire by Chuck Wendig, the last entry in the Aftermath trilogy. The canonical novels cover the fall of the Empire after Return of the Jedi, which includes Lobot and Lando’s efforts to reclaim Cloud City from the Imperials. After they win, Lobot returns to his old position as administrator and advisor, reorganizing the newly retaken city and helping Lando find a gift for Leia’s upcoming birth.

It is unclear if Lobot stayed with Lando or stayed in Cloud City after that point, but Lando’s appearance in The rise of Skywalker and his The recently announced Disney + series suggests the character may reappear in an upcoming Star Wars draft. Given his connection to Bespin and his lack of appearances, he likely won’t stray too far from Cloud City or his former partner.

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