Star Wars: The High Republic # 4 just revived the most sinister gang in the galaxy, dragging Nihil and Jedi into what appears to be a nasty turf war.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High Republic # 4 by Cavan Scott, Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Leoni, and Ariana Maher from VC, on sale now.

Star Wars: the high republic has shown the Jedi that sinister forces roam the galaxy right under their noses. Despite having the Starlight Beacon ship to watch over the cosmos, the Jedi have encountered a new war with Nihil that is brewing. That conflict has brought members of the Keeve Order, Sskeer, Ceret, and Avar Kriss to Sedri Minor, where they suddenly find themselves under attack from the plant-like monsters known as Drengir.

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Weather Star Wars: the high republic # 4 gets soldiers to overcome this botanical hurdle, the final page takes an even more shocking turn by reviving the most sinister gang in the galaxy – the Hutt Cartel.

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The bomb comes after Keeve convinces his master, Sskeer, to avoid a possession of the Drengir and help his colleagues while the creepers also attempt to possess them. Fortunately, Sskeer comes out of the cellar and helps them escape, but as they chop down the leafy monsters, they realize that someone sold the planet to keep the Drengir a secret.

This leads them to Kal, who is in charge of the above-ground farmland, but just as they are trying to extract information, a warship appears. Sskeer orders them to draw their lightsabers as he can sense a disturbance in the Force. We then see a mysterious Hutt warlord emerging with Gamorreans and battle rancors, ready for battle. Kal makes it clear that these villains have the real power, confirming that he made some kind of deal. The villains are convinced that the planet belongs to them because of the deal and that the Jedi will have to be purged for trespassing.

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This follows Claudia Gray In the dark novel where the Hutt Carel was working in the shadows, getting the Jedi to destroy the mob known as the Directory. This destabilized the Outer Rim, allowing the cartel to move to take over the economy. In the years that followed, they had become so influential that the Republic and Empire negotiated uneasy truces with them, as they knew that the Hutts could help in terms of weapons, soldiers, and obtaining secrets from people like Jabba.

Here, we are seeing the beginning of how they started to build this monopoly and it seems like it all has to do with some valuable grain. That is why the Jedi found a dead Hutt on a ship and took him to experiment on the Starship Beacon. It appears that the crime scene was the Nihi trying to invade the cartel’s territory and products, starting a turf war. Now the Jedi are right in the middle and the Hutts have come with great firepower to protect their investment.

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