Taiwanese rom-com My Missing Valentine is mostly weird in a good way

The award-winning fantasy romantic comedy My Missing Valentine is fun, original, visually creative, and mostly weird in a good way.

The introductory video of the Seattle International Film Festival to My lost valentine, the most recent Best Picture winner at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, does not specifically describe the plot of the film on the grounds that it is best left as a surprise. Following that philosophy, here is a review without summary of My Valentine’s missing.

This fantasy rom-com is fun, original, visually creative, mostly weird in a good way, a little weird in a creepy way, and probably lighter than you’d expect from the phrase “Best Picture Winner”, but it is a pleasure for the expert public. However. If that’s all you want to know look at it and read the rest of this review later. While this review will avoid major spoilers, it will discuss plot details from the first act of the film and allude to later plot developments.

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My lost valentine is a romantic comedy about people with a strange relationship with time, but luckily, this is not alone Groundhog Day all over again. The protagonist, postal worker Yang Hsiao-Chi, has always been too fast in everything. She can’t sing or dance to the beat, laughs at jokes before everyone else, and always loses connections. When she finally falls in love with a man, this happens absurdly fast too, as she’s only known him for a few days, but she’s already making Valentine’s Day plans and showing them off on her favorite radio show, but then the Day. Valentine’s Day just … disappears. for Yang.

The process of solving this metaphysical mystery involves some magical help, connections to tragic pasts, a love triangle, and a major perspective shift midway through the film. The atmosphere is reminiscent of anime sci-fi love stories like Your name Y The girl who leapt through time, with clever special effects that bring an equally free nature to the live-action scene.

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My lost valentine he has a lot of humor, heart and imagination. Her biggest flaw is all too common for her genre – some of the big gestures meant to be romantic are actually quite creepy. There’s enough cinematic magic and genuine sweetness here that it’s possible to go with the flow anyway, but everyone’s tolerance for these things will vary. Leaving this topic aside, My lost valentine it is very successful as pure entertainment.

My lost valentine it is streaming until April 18 at the Seattle International Film Festival. Directed by Chen Yu-hsun, The Movie Stars Liu Kuan-Ting, Patty Lee, Duncan Chou, and Joanne Missingham.

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