Teen Mom: Amber Swept Up In Poor Parenting As Fans Support Leah

Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood was swept away by her poor parenting as MTV fans support her daughter Leah’s feelings after she expressed her disdain.

The fans are now dragging Teen Mom Amber Portwood for her poor upbringing. In a new episode, his daughter Leah expressed feelings that she did not want to have a relationship with her mother, which made the offender angry.

Leah, who is only 12 years old, is going through a lot of emotions when it comes to how she feels about her birth mother. As fans recall, Amber hasn’t been a staple in Leah’s life since she was in jail and chose two men over her daughter. Leah’s open and honest truth came home to many viewers who identified with the young preteen when she told her father, Gary Shirley, that she didn’t feel like she wanted a relationship with her mother. Fans noted that she had grown closer to her stepmother, Kristina Shirley, who seemed to have a slightly more stable presence throughout her life.

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One Reddit User pointed out that it was unhealthy for Gary to force his daughter into a relationship with her mother if she was “mad.” One fan bluntly wrote that if you have to keep telling your child that you are a good mother, then “You are a mother sh * t”. Many fans could relate to the preteen, as they too had a difficult upbringing. Amber was furious with her daughter’s stance and claimed that she was always with her son even though fans know that wasn’t the whole truth since she spent time in jail.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Og

Fans watched the new episode when Leah made it clear that she didn’t want to invite Amber over to her 12th.th Birthday Party. In the end, the invitation was sent, but Amber made the decision to decline, adding to the point and her daughter’s frustration. Despite the teenage mother posting an Easter greeting to her daughter where she mentioned that she knows her daughter needs time, fans still felt that Amber’s reaction to the episode was selfish and not at all motherly.

MTV fans loved that Leah stood up for herself, and while Gary acted as the supportive father, many expect him to listen to their daughter’s wants and needs rather than make her feel guilty in an unwanted relationship. Fans felt that Leah was extremely brave in sharing her complaints and was saddened that Amber couldn’t hear what her daughter was saying. Hopefully the two of you will resolve your differences in the next few weeks.

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