Teen mom: Jenelle says her son is ‘out of control’ set his mom’s house on fire

Fans were shocked when they heard Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans claim that her son ‘out of control’ set his mother’s house on fire.

MTV Teenage mother Jenelle Evans recently stated that her “out of control” son set fire to his mother’s house in North Carolina. Jenelle hasn’t had the easiest path in life, and it seems her son may be following the same troublesome path.

Jenelle returns to court to show that she is in a position to regain sole custody of her son, Jace. Not much is known about the minor except that he suffered from ADHD. Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis, abandoned them both when he was a newborn and has not had stable contact with his son since he was one year old. Currently, it appears that the reality star is doing her best to provide a safe environment for her son in which he can thrive.

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It seems that during the intense custody battle for Jenelle and Barbara, Jace got caught in the middle. Was informed by Sun that his behavior became so bad that he started playing with fire and even set the family home on fire. In exclusive paperwork obtained by the news outlet, the 29-year-old requested sole custody of her first-born son and even asked the court to grant her an emergency custody hearing on January 28, 2021. The mother of three Sons claims her mother told her that she could no longer control Jace’s outburst and that she felt insecure.

As many MTV fans know, Barbara has had primary custody of her grandson since 2010, and Jenelle relinquished custody of Chase to her. But according to court documents, Jenelle claimed there had been a “substantial change in the circumstances that affect the well-being of the minor”, that she believes she deserves a change in the custody arrangement. The argument that Jenelle and her attorneys made was that Jace was at risk of bodily injury. The documents cite that Jenelle alleged that Jace had “Increasingly worse behavior problems that make him physically aggressive, out of control and insecure.” The most shocking allegations showed that in December 2020, Jace and Barbara argued, leading to Jace physically assaulting Barbara twice. He also burned the carpet because he was angry at his grandmother.

Sadly, it appears that Jace has had trouble burning down the house, and Barbara seems to have lost her wits with him. For now, it appears that Jace is living with his mother and his home with her husband, David Eason. The court’s decision will come later this month.

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