The 10 best FIFA video games ranked, according to Metacritic

For football fans, the annual launch of the FIFA Video games is one of the most exciting points of the year, and fans can see what changes have been made to the classic game. While there have been some side effects over the years with specific games from the World Cup tournaments and the popular FIFA Street series that change things, it is the traditional releases that the public loves.

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While the premise of the game is usually the same, with manager modes that allow players to take control of a team to propel them forward, or that people can create a player to take them to the heights of the world of soccer. But with more than 30 games in the franchise, which one has been the strongest?

10 FIFA 18 (84)

FIFA 18 gameplay

According to Metacritic, this was the last major installment of the FIFA franchise, as the most recent games have suffered in the rankings. The game saw tremendous graphics that brought players to life in a new way, while the improvement in dribbling and shooting was a huge game changer.

Passing was tackled as well, with longer range and sharper passes available. Also, there were little details like the quick substitution, which allowed for a game change to happen, which meant that everything flowed and felt a lot more natural.

9 FIFA Soccer 2004 (84)

FIFA Soccer 2004

FIFA Soccer 2004 it was a huge step forward for the franchise in improving the gaming experience. It gave players the opportunity to control more of what was happening without the ball, setting up their team and allowing other players to run, allowing people to feel that they were dictating more of what was happening with their team.

This game also stepped up the career mode aspect, improving things with the ability to train players, set goals, and build prestige, which would affect player interest and budget. It was about more than just playing a soccer game, which was crucial to improving the game overall.

8 FIFA Soccer 2005 (85)

FIFA Soccer 2005

The following year only saw the franchise advance once more, with a real focus on passing in this game. It made things sharper and smoother, providing more realistic gameplay, and while the manager mode wasn’t the strongest in this particular game, the improvement in the game itself made it one of the best of all time.

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This iteration also brought a two-player online option, which was a big factor for the game. Allowing people the option to play against each other. is something that made the game even better, with the online look of FIFA being one of its strong points.

7 FIFA 17 (85)


FIFA 17 It kept most things pretty similar when it comes to the traditional game, however this game featured a big change with the addition of a completely new mode. Adding ‘The Journey’ was something new and instantly made this game stand out.

By creating more of a story mode to play, following a player as players had to carry him through the ranks was a welcome change in the franchise. The story was detailed and allowed for a fair amount of outside creative control in regards to your career and the conversations you might have with others.

6 FIFA 14 (87)


Because this was the first time FIFA It was on both Xbox One and PS4, EA made the most of it and really upped the ante with the graphics and gameplay with the Ignite Engine being used to the fullest.

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It allowed this to be a totally new experience for players who had been playing the franchise for a while. It was more advanced and the fact that it took the game up a notch really helped ensure that people continued to play as FIFA advanced.

5 FIFA 09 (87)


FIFA 09 brought a big leap in graphics once again, with everything about the game looking fantastic. But he will be remembered for introducing the Be A Pro mode, which allowed players to grow as a single player within a team, increasing their score with a specific focus on positional play.

It was a technical game mode, and when players were paired online with their individual players, it was a lot of fun to experiment with. The rest of the skins worked too, they really work for a solid game overall.

4 FIFA 2003 Soccer (88)

Manchester United in FIFA Football 2003

This is one of the classics FIFA games that have stood the test of time, still being seen as one of the best even though the technology has come a long way since it was released. It was one that attracted many players as it has different varieties in terms of difficulty, which made the game more accessible to others.

This game also saw a huge focus on stadiums, fans, and the overall experience, rather than just the game itself. Adding better celebrations made it a lot more fun, while the increase in graphics compared to what had come before was a nice addition.

3 FIFA 12 (90)


Many people enjoyed the career mode this game provided, which instantly made it a hit with gamers. But it was actually the specific gameplay changes that made this version of the franchise so great. The dribbling was very focused and allowed for closer touches and more precise runs.

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The defensive aspect of the game also received greater focus, and tackles became easier, but also much more accurate, which also increased fouls. Making the game itself as realistic as possible is always going to go well with a game like this, and that’s what FIFA 12 he did it perfectly.

two FIFA 13 (90)

FIFA 13 gameplay

The standard remained high after FIFA 13, with another fantastic game released that earned a Metacritic rating of 90. The game was not perfect, as the touch that players had done often frustrated players, but the amazing graphics more than made up for it.

However, this saw a big step forward with online gambling, making it playable with friends again. The game altered Ultimate Team a lot, and seasons were added for the first time, the promotion allowed to earn more coins. It all made this a turning point for the series with Ultimate Team becoming the big focus.

1 FIFA 10 (91)

fifa 10

The biggest game in franchise history belongs to FIFA 10, which earned an impressive 91 rating from Metacritic. EA paid a lot of attention to the actual gameplay of this installment, which made it more elegant and faster to play, with higher quality for a more realistic experience.

However, the big reason this ended up being a success was the fact that the manager mode received a lot of improvements. Whether it’s because of the visual simulation technology or the importance of sponsorship altering finances, the mode got much more detailed and improved the game in the process.

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