Like all the main characters of Big Bang Theory, Raj Koothrappali, the group’s astrophysicist, has had many ups and downs throughout his career at Caltech, with the highest of the best including the discovery of planets and the pursuit of his love of music, and the lowest of the lows involving Sheldon Cooper.

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Fortunately, Raj hasn’t been at the mercy of Sheldon’s work-related teasing as much as Howard, but the two have definitely clashed before. However, by the end of the show, Raj finds his place in the planetarium where, hopefully, he can look back and laugh at the good and bad times in his professional life.

8 BEST: Challenging Planetarium Rejection

Raj at Caltech in a suit and tie

In season 11, “The Confidence Erosion,” Raj gains a new level of confidence as he takes a break from the friendship between himself and Howard after realizing that Howard is constantly teasing him, lowering his self-esteem.

As part of this new trust, Raj applies for a job at the planetarium, but is initially denied. Unusually, Raj contacts them and tells them that they are making a big mistake by not hiring him. They end up so impressed that they give him the job (the other candidate was not available either).

7 WORST: Working for Sheldon

In “The Pirate Solution” from season 3, Raj loses his grant money, jeopardizing his visa as it is only valid while employed. Sheldon’s solution is for me to work for him. It’s safe to say it wasn’t an easy ride, with Raj continually trying to brighten the mood at work and Sheldon shutting down all of his jokes.

When Raj tries to help, Sheldon disagrees and the two argue before Raj leaves. Sheldon shows up at Raj’s apartment saying that Raj was right and hires him again. Although Raj finished the episode still employed, fans aren’t convinced that working for someone like Sheldon, who disparages nearly everyone’s research but his own, was a great career choice.

6 BEST: Starting a band with Howard

In season 9 episode 4, “The 2003 Approximation”, Raj and Howard form a band called Footprints on the Moon, a duo consisting of Raj on guitar and Howard on keys.

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The band’s song list included many hits like “Hammer and Whip”, “Sherlock Around The Clock” and “Let’s Get Astrophysical”. So far, the band has played Stuart’s comic book store, a bar mitzvah, and has also been the in-house band for Sheldon’s “Fun With Flags” show. Although the concerts have not paid well, everyone knows that the key to a successful career is doing something nice.

5 WORST: Announcing the existence of an alien life

Big Bang Theory

In episode 20 of season 12, “The Decision Reverberation”, Raj publishes an article where he mentions that extraterrestrial life on other planets is possible. While answering a question and answer session at the planetarium, he begins to be ridiculed.

Despite Raj trying to make it clear that as a scientist he cannot rule out possibilities, many people naturally manipulate his words, giving him a “goofy” reputation for believing in aliens and the Loch Ness monster. Raj is within his right to suggest the possibility of aliens, but misrepresentation of words is something that should always be considered when in a position of influence.

4 BEST: Credit Penny’s Co-Discovery

In season 11 episode 21, “Comet Polarization”, while looking through a telescope on the roof, Penny discovers a new comet and Raj takes credit for the discovery knowing that it will be detrimental to his career if Penny has the merit. that she is not a scientist.

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After Penny confronts him, Raj decides to give her shared credit after all. This was definitely a great decision, as if Raj was ever found to have stolen credit from one of his best friends, it could ruin his career and reputation more than sharing the credit in the first place.

3 WORST: Getting drunk and sexually harassing a colleague

Raj shaking hands with Catherine Millstone

Raj’s requirement to drink alcohol in order to speak to women has not only affected his social life, but has also crept into his work life. Raj decides to work with Professor Laughlin on Stellar Evolution, and one of the other members of the team is a woman, which means that Raj will not be able to communicate with her unless she has an alcoholic beverage.

When the two meet, Raj takes a drink and ends up making a very inappropriate comment towards Dr. Catherine Millstone, resulting in her filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

two BEST: Discovering the “Bollywood Planet”

Raj And Sheldon In The Office - The Big Bang Theory

Raj was notably responsible for the discovery of a planetary body beyond the Kuiper Belt, an object he named “Planet Bollywood.”

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This secured Raj a place in PeopleList of “30 under 30 to watch”. Through his work on the Kuiper belt, he has also been awarded a Newcomb medal. Both achievements are undoubtedly the highlights of his career.

1 WORST: Following Sheldon to the North Pole

In season 2 episode 23, “The Monopolar Expedition,” Sheldon accepts an invitation to work at the North Pole and insists that Raj, Leonard, and Howard join him.

With Sheldon being so overpowering, and the team never really proved the existence of magnetic monopoles, which was the purpose of the trip, it’s safe to say that none of this trip went well for Raj.

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