The Clown Prince of Crime often amuses himself by performing the most despicable acts. He considers himself Batman’s greatest enemy and as much as the two hate each other, they tend to refrain from killing each other. Heath Ledger’s Joker put it best by saying to Batman, “What would I do without you? … You complete me.”

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While the Joker has never done anything admirable in the movies, there have been events in the comics that made him a healthy character. These mostly resulted from alternate realities tied to the DC multiverse or the Joker just doing the right thing because it benefited him too.

10 Batman: White Night

Jack Napier with a reformed Harley Quinn

Comic book fans see a very different Joker in Batman: White Night. In this particular installment, the Joker is once again Jack Napier, just as he was the version of Jack Nicholson’s character in Tim Burton’s movie. Things are going well for him as his mental health has improved.

Napier has thus been molded as a respectable member of Gotham society. He even runs for a city council position and ends up winning. Now he seeks to rid the city of all its corrupt elements. In his new leadership role, Napier outshines Batman and becomes the savior Gotham really needs.

9 Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Talia Al Ghul hits and kills the Joker

Sometime in the long run Legends of the Dark Knight comic series, the Joker tries to assassinate Talia al Ghul and her father, but his plan goes awry and she kills him. Batman is forced to revive him in the Lazarus Pit as he needs his help to locate Ra’s al Ghul.

Although Lazarus Pit has driven many characters crazy, he does the opposite with the Joker, making him saner than ever. The new Joker remembers every evil act he has committed and begins to feel remorseful. He comes to look for ways to help the families of his former victims.

8 Batman: RIP

The Joker takes on the Black Glove criminal organization

The 2008 story written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel sees Batman seeking the Joker for help as he attempts to eliminate the Black Glove. This is a criminal organization run by Dr. Simon Hurt and it is made up of some of the richest people in the world.

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The organization invites the Joker to join them, but he has no interest in doing so as he likes to be his own boss. He takes the lives of several of his members and even tricks them into sending a signal that leads to his capture. Even though Joker does this for his own benefit, he helps rid Gotham of one of its biggest threats.

7 Dark Nights: Metal

The Batman Who Laughs stares at Joker and Batman

Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo, Dark Nights: Metal delve into the multiverse. Batman discovers that there is a Dark Multiverse that exists beneath the normal DC multiverse. His investigations trigger the appearance of seven versions of himself from the Dark Multiverse.

One of them is Batman Who Laughs. This Alternate Reality Dark Knight behaves like Batman and the Joker. Unable to defeat the villain, Batman turns to Joker for help. By teaming up, Batman and the Joker can defeat the man who behaves like both.

6 Countdown to the final crisis

The Joker attacks Nightwing and other heroes who are now criminals

The 52-issue series written by Paul Dini also explores the multiverse and its alternate versions of common characters. In Earth-3, the Joker is the hero of Gotham while Batman is the antagonist.

The Joker had a difficult childhood in which he was constantly bullied. Therefore, he decided to become a hero by opposing the oppressors. His day job is that of a comedian. Unlike Arthur Fleck, he is very successful. It is said that he had scars and a permanent smile on his lips after he was sliced ​​by Batman for making fun of him.

5 Superman: distant fires

The Joker creates new locks for the city of Champion

What would happen in the DC universe if there was a nuclear holocaust? Howard Chaykin’s unique 1998 issue explores just that. A nuclear war ends up wiping out most of the population and creating monsters. Surviving superheroes and villains are stripped of their powers. In Joker’s case, his insanity is cured.

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Living alone, Superman believes he is the sole survivor, but soon meets Wonder Woman in a jungle that leads him to a city of survivors known as Champion. There, he meets Guy Gardner, Flash, Billy Batson, and Joker. A sane Joker is at the forefront, helping rebuild cities and protecting Champion’s people against monsters and deadly mutants.

4 Catwoman Annual # 3

Joker lies on the ground after being attacked by Catwoman

In another Elseworlds alternate reality story in Catwoman Annual # 3, Joker is good while Batman is bad. Batman and Catwoman actually have a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship. Not only are they married, but they are also committing crimes together. Catwoman is the brains behind the operations, while Batman provides the muscle.

On the other hand, the Joker has assumed the identity of Detective Jack Bozer. In order to stop the Bat and the Cat from committing the greatest crime in Gotham history, Bozer teams up with Riddler, who is also a detective, to stop the duo. He succeeds and is promoted to the post of police commissioner.

3 The laughing fish

Joker proposes partnership with Batman to eliminate Rupert Thorne

Published in 1978 by DC Comics, The laughing fish see writer Steve Englehart and illustrator Marshall Rogers tell a different Joker story. The Clown Prince of Crime has always been obsessed with the Dark Knight, so he seeks to prove that he is the greatest enemy the hero of Gotham has ever faced.

Once again, his actions stem from jealousy since a new villain named Rupert Thorne emerged. Thorne wants to expose Batman’s true identity and this is a problem for Joker because he doesn’t want Batman to leave. He also doesn’t want someone else to go down in history as the man who took out Batman. Thus, Joker deals with Gotham’s new problem on his own, making the city safer.

two Batman: Getting Sane

The Joker becomes Jospeh Kerr after killing Batman

Written by JM DeMatteis, Getting sane it begins at Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight # 65. In it, Joker catches the Caped Crusader in an explosion, believing he has killed him.

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His mind thus returns to sanity and begins a new life under the identity of Joseph Kerr. For the first time in his life, the Joker is completely happy. He also likes to live as a normal citizen without the daily chaos to worry about. Sadly, his insanity resumes when Batman reappears.

1 The Dark Knight Returns

Joker smiles at a security guard inside Arkham Asylum

The 1986 four-issue comic series sees Batman battling Superman for the first time. The series begins with a 55-year-old retired Batman who is no longer interested in fighting crime. Consequently, a bored Joker resigns himself to being incarcerated in Arkham Asylum.

The Joker doesn’t try to escape even though he can. He hopes to be kept in a catatonic state and during his time away, felony crimes are reduced. Maybe Gotham is better off if Batman isn’t there.

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