The Nevers: all the headgear superpowers, so far

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Nevers episode 1, “Pilot,” which premiered on HBO on Sunday.

From HBO The Nevers introduces a world in which a mysterious event gave certain members of the Victorian London population, mostly women, strange superpowers. And like the X-Men, no two powers are exactly the same.

The premiere episode of the sci-fi drama featured many of those individuals, known as the Headpieces. Here are all the Headdresses and their powers that we know of so far.

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After the supernatural event that created Touched, the widow Amalia True runs an orphanage for these persecuted individuals. She is especially suited to work because she touches herself. Amalia has visions of the future, an often baffling power that lets her interpret these glimpses of what lies ahead, which occur at random and often when she least expects it.

While Amalia also has exceptional melee combat abilities, these don’t seem to be part of her supernatural gift. Instead, it appears that she acquired these abilities before she was Touched. However, given how essential their fighting skills seem to be to keeping their children safe at the orphanage, they could be considered a superpower in their own right, no matter how Amalia acquired them.

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Amalia’s right-hand man, Penance Adair, resides at the orphanage and helps bring the newly discovered Touched. She is an inventor, and although she possessed an aptitude for fixing things before her abilities took a turn for the supernatural, after being Touched, she becomes capable of designing everything from steampunk cars to robot carriage drivers. As she explains it, it is a power based on your ability to see potential energy and where it wants to move and settle.

In response to a tip that Myrtle might be affected, Amalia and Penance arrive at her family’s home to determine if she really possesses powers. As soon as he speaks, it is clear that he does. While his mother thinks he is speaking in tongues, it turns out that he simply speaks different languages. Penance posits that probably every language in the world clutters your mind.

Myrtle understands English, but it seems to be the only language she can’t speak as everything from Chinese to Spanish to Turkish comes out of her mouth.

Dr. Cousens was a medic before he became one of the Touched, and his turn only enhanced his abilities. Now he literally has the power to heal in his hands; You no longer need medical tools to perform surgery. As the orphanage doctor, Dr. Cousens’ special abilities are especially valuable to Amalia, who seems to have a habit of regularly hurting herself in ways that require her healing touch.

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It’s hard to miss Primrose’s turn. After being touched, the girl grew to 10 feet tall. Unfortunately, her family rejected her, which is why she lives in the orphanage. Although she has a sweet and innocent disposition, she seems to harbor some bitterness over her situation, which periodically manifests itself in Primrose lashing out. Myrtle’s arrival may help, as she finally gives her a friend her own age.

Maladie is a serial killer who, when The Nevers begins, he is said to rival Jack the Ripper in his murderous reign of terror. However, unlike the notorious serial killer, Maladie is murdering respected psychoanalysts – targets that likely have something to do with her time in an asylum. Maladie is still clearly psychotic, and audiences think she’s Touched, though that hasn’t been confirmed when the pilot begins.

Later in the episode, however, Maladie’s eyes turn orange during a fight with Amalia, indicating that she has supernatural power of some kind, although it is unclear what it is. A character description provided by HBO says that Maladie gains the power of pain, and during her fight with Amalia, she appears to be at an extreme disadvantage before taking the lead. Could the pain Amalia inflicts on Maladie during their altercation have made her more powerful?

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Annie is a member of Maladie’s gang and her nickname, “Bonfire”, points to her power: creating fire with her hands. It is a power that allows you to do everything from lighting a candle to burning entire buildings.

Mary Brighton is an opera singer, who has never managed to go beyond the choir. However, her turn makes her something special to her fellow Touched. When Maladie interrupts the opera in which she is acting and threatens the lives of the audience, Mary momentarily stops her rampage by singing a supernatural song that only the Touched seem to understand. Penance later says that hearing Mary’s song made her feel hopeful.

While these are all the Super Powers Headdresses shown in The Nevers‘additional characters were introduced, at least some of whom probably also have supernatural gifts that we’ll learn about soon. And future episodes will undoubtedly feature even more Touched and his unique abilities.

Created by Joss Whedon, The Nevers stars Laura Donnelly, Olivia Williams, James Norton, Tom Riley, Ann Skelly, Ben Chaplin, Pip Torrens, Zackary Momoh, Amy Manson, Nick Frost, Rochelle Neil, Eleanor Tomlinson and Denis O’Hare. . The new episodes air Sundays at 9 pm ET / PT on HBO.

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