Thor 4 may give Melissa McCarthy a better superhero prank role than Netflix

Thunder Force gives McCarthy a chance to parody superheroes, but the ‘play within a play’ actors in Thor have a whole world to satirize.

Melissa McCarthy will appear on Thor: love and thunder after appearing in the new Netflix series Thunder force – and it seems that the MCU role may be a better opportunity for McCarthy to play a superhero comedy. Thunder force came out on Netflix to a tepid response from critics and audiences alike, with criticism that it neither embraces the genre it is trying to satirize, nor the comedy promised in the premise.

While McCarthy’s role in Thunder force She’s bigger as the lead character, it seems likely that her comedic potential is best realized in the short but sweet acting appearance that plays Hela. Although the movie’s star power has some speculation Thunder Force 2 Released sometime in the future, negative reviews may convince Netflix that the sequel would not be worth the investment. McCarthy as Hela could improve her performance; Without the need to introduce the superhero premise as a whole, include an origin story, and build a traditional three-act structure around the character, the comic beats could play more with their force in timing and delivery.

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Reviews of Thunder force have focused on its failure to live up to the promised comedy genre, as with few new ideas yet to be covered about superhero absurdity, it fails to deliver on the action or comedy potential suggested by the premise. . The Thor movies are not above self-reflective comedy; the original game within a game re-dramatized the events of Thor Y Thor: The Dark World as a brief satirism of the films themselves. Matt Damon, playing Loki, brought home the absurd by staging a fitting melodramatic death scene, complete with crying and wailing; more enjoyable than actual events for the movie’s audience, and a humorous reflection for moviegoers.

It is possible that a Thunder force The sequel, having done the fieldwork to establish its premise, could move on to more nuanced jokes about genre conventions, but the ‘superhero parody’ field is already well under way. The pasquin Superhero movie 2008 was a nail in the coffin of many of the basic jokes. While the films within the genre that have been made since may have provided new material, more work would need to be done to expand and explore it. The Asgardian actors of Ragnarok they are making a specific nod to very specific events; this kind of specificity could make McCarthy shine. Contrasting the darker themes of Thor 4Including the ominously named “Gorr the God Butcher” appearing as a villain, this frivolity could be a welcome relief.

There is potential for a Thunder force sequel to learn from the mistakes of the original, but would have to do it quickly; Few studios, including Netflix, actively seek to chase good money after bad. McCarthy is a skilled comedy actress, and how well her performance in Love and thunder received, you can determine if another film of this type gets the go-ahead. Either way, with things as they are now, Thor: love and thunder offers McCarthy’s comic potential that Thunder force, sadly, he doesn’t realize it.

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