Top 10 Batman games, ranked by metacritic

The bat Man The franchise expanded over the years beyond comics and television, eventually conquering the world of movies and video games. The Caped Crusader Adventures have received numerous adaptations over the years, each one distinctively different and serving its own unique purpose.

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Batman video games are never shy about exploring deeper and darker ideas and plots, making the most of the attributes of the medium. Over the years, the Dark Knight has appeared in various games as a main character and as a supporting player. However, not all received critical acclaim, but Batman goes on, offering adventure after adventure to his millions of loyal fans.

10 Batman: Arkham Origins – 73

Batman talking to the Mad Hatter's hostage - Batman Arkham Origins

Set eight years earlier Arkham Asylum, origins focuses on a less refined Batman who takes on a horde of enemies after Black Mask places a bounty on his head. The game focuses on Batman’s stealth and detective instincts, and even introduces the ability to reenact crimes.

The game received mixed to positive reviews from critics. The PlayStation 3 version is the only one with a “Generally Positive Reviews” score on Metacritic. It received widespread praise for its challenging boss battles, although much of the criticism focused on the familiarity of the game and the lack of innovation in the game.

9 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham – 74

Harley Quinn Lego Batman 3

Launched in 2014, Beyond Gotham focuses on a large group of DC heroes who team up with Batman and Robin to stop Brainiac’s plans to take over Earth. It received versions for multiple consoles, including DS, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Beyond Gotham received mixed reviews from critics. Many praised the game’s humor and characters, but various aspects of the game received criticism, with critics expressing confusion about the overall direction of the franchise.

8 Batman: Arkham VR – 74

Batman: Arkham VR Trailer -

Arkham VR takes place between Arkham city Y Arkham knight. Follow Batman as he investigates the disappearance of his partners, Nightwing and Robin. The game employs virtual reality headsets that allow the player to experience Gotham from Batman’s perspective.

Arkham VR received mixed reviews from critics. The VR stunt divided critics, with many claiming it was an impressive step forward for the franchise, while others disliked it and deemed it unnecessary and pretentious.

7 Lego Batman: The Video Game – 75

The first entry in the Lego batman series, the game features Batman and Robin fighting their rogue’s gallery, which was divided into three groups of five. Each group has a different plan and leader and therefore receives its own individual story.

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Critics appreciated Lego’s twist on Batman canon and enjoyed the game’s humor, voice cast, and a throwback to the original 1960s TV show. However, they also expressed confusion over the relative safety of the plot and the fact that the game didn’t do more with its new premise.

6 Batman: Return to Arkham – 77

Batman returns to Arkham on indefinite hold

A compilation featuring remastered versions of both Arkham Asylum Y Arkham city, Return to arkham received a 2016 release. Includes all previously released DLC for both games, as well as improved graphics and updated environments.

Return to arkham received mixed reviews from critics. Graphics and lighting effects divided reviewers drastically, though they praised the shading and texture improvements. The game’s 30 FPS rate also received heavy criticism.

5 Batman: The Enemy Within – 80

Batman: The Enemy Within serves as a sequel to Batman: The Revealing Series and presents an episodic format. The plot gives equal importance to both Bruce Wayne and Batman and follows the character as he infiltrates a group of supervillains who call themselves “The Pact.”

The game received praise for its story and action sequences. The first four chapters received mixed to positive reviews, but the last one garnered critical acclaim, dramatically increasing the game’s overall score. The decision to stop the Joker from going evil was particularly well received.

4 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – 80

Dc superheroes follow Batman and Robin as they join forces with Superman to stop the Joker and Lex Luthor from placing the latter as president. The Justice League also appears in the game, eventually assisting the three titular heroes in their fight.

Considered the best entry in the Lego batman series, the game received praise for its gameplay, original story, humor, and voice acting. It received some criticism for sporadic glitches and glitches, while others suggested that the open world needed some improvements.

3 Batman: Arkham Knight – 80

Arkham knight

Set up nine months later Arkham city, the game follows Batman as he takes on Scarecrow, who launches an attack on Gotham City with the help of the mysterious Arkham Knight. Like other games in the Arkham Serie, Arkham knight focuses on Batman’s stealth, combat, and detective skills.

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Arkham knight it was wildly divisive when it first came out. Praised for its narrative, gameplay, combat, and visuals, the game received criticism for overuse of the Batmobile in the plot. Above all, the characterization of the titular Arkham Knight also divided critics and the public, and the revelation of his identity was deemed too predictable.

two Batman: Arkham Asylum – 91

The plot of Arkham Asylum finds Batman confronting the Joker, who plans to take control of the titular Arkham Asylum and trap Batman within its walls. Released in 2009, the game features the return of many veteran actors who voice the characters from the bat Man franchise.

Arkham Asylum It received critical acclaim upon release, with many critics calling it one of the best superhero video games ever. Most of the praise focused on the game’s ambitious story, innovative ideas, and simple but engaging combat mechanics.

1 Batman: Arkham City – 91

Batman standing in Gotham City in Arkham Knight

The sequel to Arkham Asylum, Arkham city follows Batman as he is imprisoned in Arkham City, a prison that locks up the suburbs of Gotham. There, he will have to uncover a sinister plot and punish the man behind him, the prison warden, Hugo Strange.

Arkham city received even better reviews than its predecessor. Most aspects of the game were praised, including the plot, narrative, character development, visuals, setting, soundtrack, and gameplay. What Asylum, Arkham city often ranks high on many critics’ lists of the best video games ever.

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