Why Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ Is Still One Of The Best Superhero Movies Ever Made

Hollywood took too long to figure out how to get Spider-Man to the big screen, but the 2002 Sony Pictures movie Spiderman The wait was worth it. director Sam raimi helped Marvel achieve a highly entertaining box office success that, almost 20 years later, remains one of the best superhero films ever made.

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Fans can credit the staying power of the former Spiderman film in part because of Raimi’s deft handling of Peter Parker’s origin story; him and the scriptwriter David koepp (Jurassic Park) spends considerable time cementing the movie’s fascinating settings and historic CG on the back of a very likable and goofy Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Since the jump, the filmmakers treat Spidey’s origin story as a character drama hidden within a four-quadrant summer movie. By doing so, Raimi can play the whole show hefty and “human height” kicking punches. That way, every fight Peter endures or every victory he gets feels like one of his own. And there are many fights for Peter and his net-throwing alter ego, starting with the murder of his Uncle Ben (the late Cliff robertson). Peter’s father figure is killed in a robbery gone wrong, the perpetrator of which Peter could have stopped earlier, but didn’t. The consequence of his inaction haunts the budding superhero when Peter becomes embroiled in a love triangle involving his best friend (and future foe) Harry Osborne (James franco) and her childhood crush, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten dunst).

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Part of SpidermanThe charm is how much the audience can relate to Peter’s inner life and high school drama. The growing pains of adolescence are still felt in adulthood; While none of us had to deal with them other than the side effects of a radioactive spider bite, we can still see ourselves in this kid learning what it takes to be one of the best superheroes ever created. So, you know, no pressure.

Making Peter’s life more complicated is that as soon as he gains his superpowers, he also becomes the target of a dangerous nemesis with whom he has personal ties: Harry’s father, Norman, played by the good and scary. Willem dafoe. Norman’s disturbing transformation into the Green Goblin is one of the most haunting and ghoulish character arcs in the genre’s history, thanks to Raimi’s dark sense of humor and unique visual flair. The more parts of Norman’s soul he loses to his sinister alter ego, the harder Peter will have to fight to preserve his own. And the closer Green Goblin gets to hurting Spider-Man literally where he lives, by attacking his friends and Aunt May (Rosemary harris), the more difficult it is for Peter to protect the lives of his loved ones from everything that tries to hurt them.

This conflict creates a constant tension that causes Peter and Spider-Man to be drawn to audiences in very close and heartfelt ways. Raimi traces the emotional and physical geography of Peter’s arc through an entertaining mix of action and humor. Highlights include a comedic montage of New Yorkers’ early reactions to Spider-Man’s exploits in fighting crime that mixes “man on the street” interviews with newspaper headlines that pop up. Raimi loves to enjoy pulpy images like this; he seems to have as much fun doing it as the audience does watching him. Then there’s the unforgettable middle piece in which Spidey and Green Goblin fight for the first time. Set in a Macy’s-like parade in the middle of town, Goblin launches his glider to wreak havoc as the Webslinger swings and leaps from parade balloons to save as many lives as he can. Raimi excels here by making the action easy to follow along with the heightened emotions at stake.

Our emotional investment in the story reaches its peak when the action takes a very comic-book-like turn in a climactic sequence inspired by the original Marvel material. In a breathtaking setting, the Green Goblin hangs MJ and a cable car full of terrified New Yorkers from the Queensboro Bridge and forces Spider-Man to make a choice: protect the woman you love or the lives of innocent civilians. Peter can’t save both of them but, damn it, he’ll try, because that’s what heroes do. And what he does culminates in the perfect dramatization of the iconic Marvel character mantra: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Spring into action, saving them both but putting them in greater danger when the Green Goblin targets them with his glider and an arsenal of his trademark pumpkin bombs.


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This thrilling set sets the stage for a tragic ending in which Spidey faces Goblin in a violent and disturbing fist fight in an abandoned brick complex. The audience squirms when their hero’s face is hit and his suit ripped apart; with each crippling blow reminding us that Spidey is just a teenager. He is a boy who is forced to grow up very fast when faced with another dead end scenario that leads to the Green Goblin sacrificing himself on his own firecracker, uh, a sharp sword that is projected from his glider.

The end of Norman’s life puts Peter on an even more difficult path, as now a grieving Harry thinks that Spidey killed his father and vows revenge. Furthermore, Peter decides that, in order to protect the woman he loves, he has to break her heart and his. How? Choosing to be friends in order to try to save her from future enemies. That decision helps define the hero even more and win the affection of the public, as he makes all the difficult decisions so that we don’t have to.

That is another key ingredient for SpidermanThe Enduring Legacy – Create a hero we can’t help but support or invest in. While most modern comic book movies struggle with that level of character development, Spiderman pulls it out effortlessly. That is why its fundamental appeal remains after all these years.

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