DC’s New 52 reboot renewed Wonder Woman’s origins, revealing the darker side of the Amazons and how Themyscira deals with baby boys.

When DC rebooted their line of comics with the New 52 initiative, Wonder Woman found his origins, his powers and his relationship with the Amazons of Themyscira transformed for a new era. When Diana learned that she was not made of clay, but was actually a demigoddess, her interactions with the gods of Greek mythology began to dispel illusions and lies disguised as truth, exposing dark secrets about her people, especially regarding to their mating rituals and the fate of any Themysciran male child.

Although the series was a commercial and critical success, this particular story drew a lot of criticism for its portrayal of the Amazons and how it dealt with the themes on which Wonder Woman was founded. Upon learning that she was the daughter of Zeus, Diana’s mission in the series became to protect Zola, a woman who carried the last offspring of Zeus and who was being attacked by a series of supernatural forces.

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On Wonder Woman # 7 By Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, Diana and her allies meet the blacksmith god Hephaestus, hoping for help to reach the underworld and save Zola. After defending herself against an attack from Hades, Diana is shocked to learn that Hephaestus’s helpers are not machines, but young men, whom Hephaestus calls his brothers. Originally said that the Amazons’ lack of male children was due to divine will, Hephaestus destroys that myth by revealing that in the past, the Amazons traveled to find ships filled with male soldiers. They would seduce and then kill these men, throwing their bodies into the sea. After birth, the Amazons would keep the girls to be raised as the next generation of Amazons, while the men were considered failures, traditionally thrown into the sea before Hephaestus, who had survived that very fate, began to exchange weapons. by the male children of Themyscira.

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Wonder Woman 52 Baby Boys Themyscira

The creator of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston, conceived Diana as an ideal woman from a morally advanced society; an ambassador of enlightenment and emancipation in a world lacking both. Azzarello and Chiang’s changes were controversial in turning the paradise of Themyscira into a lie, as the Amazons were fewer bastions of morality and more mermaids luring men to their doom. They kept the girls and discarded the boys, considering weapons more important than men and building their own connection to the divine to hide the truth. It makes Themyscira look less like the idyllic society that Marston envisioned and more like the compromising world of the man they despise.

In the end, Wonder Woman tried to free her Amazon siblings, but they chose to stay with Hephaestus, who not only took them in, but also raised them and gave them a purpose when their mothers had mercilessly killed them. This emotional revelation continued to undermine Diana’s faith in her people, a reinvention that chose to explore the darker side of Greek mythology. With DC Infinite border was declaring that all past stories were relevant, returning to comic book heroes in flashes of alternate “memory”, it remains to be seen how Wonder WomanAdventures can incorporate this dark version of Themyscirasecrets of.

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