X-Men’s mutant outcasts are getting their chance in the limelight

With the Marauders trapped on the sidelines as Madripoor is destroyed, the X-Men turn to the least likely group of mutants for help: the Morlocks.

Warning: spoilers for Marauders # 19

With the Marauders stuck on the sidelines in Madripoor, Marvel ComicsX Men You must turn to your outcast mutant community to save the day. With the Krakoans attempting to consolidate their power and influence around the world, it is not surprising that they encounter resistance along the way. What they did not count on were the consequences their actions would have on innocent non-mutant bystanders. Fortunately, the underprivileged of Madripoor’s “Lowtown” have the Morlocks on your side.

Created by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith, the Morlocks, named after the underground branch of humanity in HG Wells’ seminal novel The time Machine—Made his first appearance in 1983 Uncanny X-Men # 169. Led by Callisto, the community provided a safe haven in the vast network of tunnels beneath Manhattan for mutants whose powers manifested in ways that made them unwanted on the surface. Originally conceived as villains, over the decades, the Morlocks eventually became reluctant allies of the X-Men, though they kept their distance from more “conventional” mutants. Even now, in the era of Krakoa and the Reign of X, the Morlocks have chosen not to join their fellow mutants on the idyllic living island.

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Recently, however, readers have been able to see Callisto and the Morlocks drawn to Kate Pryde in the Marauders’ story. In the past month Marauders # 18, by Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli and Matteo Lolli, the former villain Masque had his taste for redemption when he was invited to the newly created hospital by mutants on the island of Madripoor. There, instead of using his body-altering powers to torture and disfigure, he uses his abilities to heal those who might not otherwise have had access to conventional medicine. In the last issue of the comic (# 19), by Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli, the situation in Madripoor has escalated to violence on the streets of Lowtown (the island’s poor district) where a mercenary force of bioengineered Reavers prey on the marginalized and destitute.

Marauders # 19 Morlocks and Cropped Callisto

To make matters worse, the X-Men have been outgunned politically by the clique of evil genius kids known as Homines Verendi. If they act against the Reavers in any official capacity, they risk losing their position as a recognized sovereign nation among the United Nations. Kate Pryde and Callisto, who don’t sit around watching innocent people get driven from their homes and killed on the streets, come up with a plan. It may be too risky for the X-Men to be seen, but the Morlocks are used to operating in the shadows and, now that they have proven vindication, they have some skin in the game. The mutants Masque, the skilled fighter Marrow, Bliss and her evil monster tongue, along with the rightly called Hump and Brute arrive on the scene wanting to smash some skulls, and that’s exactly what they do. Unprepared for any resistance, especially from a group of angry and dangerous mutants, the Reavers are sent crawling back to their masters. The battle is short, but it is incredibly satisfying for readers to see the Morlocks team up for the X-Men and protect those who, like them, were expelled from society.

For their brave acts, the Morlocks have made their mark on Madripoor in a way that X Men or the Marauders could not have conceived. With Lowtown free of cops and bloodthirsty Reavers, people have chosen to change the name of their neighborhood in recognition of their saviors and chose the name “Mutietown”. With Verendi fanning the flames of anti-mutant sentiment on the island and abroad, this honorific is a bold declaration of gratitude from the people of Mutietown. Marvel Comics He stood out more of his losers.

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