Yu-Gi-Oh !: Every Duel Yugi Lost

Yugi Muto is one of the best duelists in all of Yi-Gi-Oh! Despite his impressive skills, he has still been on the losing end of some major matches.

There are very few duelists in all Yu-Gi-Oh! anime that has the skill and pedigree of Yugi Muto. He knows how to build a powerful deck and win emphatically with it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, he has lost his fair share of duels during his time.

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Whether he’s losing to major villains, minor characters, or even himself, Yugi lost a few duels during the anime’s original run. These losses actually begin with one of the first episodes of the series, which occurs as a result of a time out, not the duel itself.

7 Pegasus before the duelist kingdom

Before Duelist Kingdom officially begins, Pegasus invites Yugi to the tournament through a ribbon. However, this tape is not common. He has Shadow Magic infused, allowing Pegasus to speak to Yugi through him and confront him. Pegasus puts a very strict time limit on the duel, which is what makes Yugi lose.

He declares an attack but barely loses the cutoff time. While Yugi would have won otherwise, this loss sends him to the Duelist Realm to fight to get his grandfather back, who was stolen as a result of this duel.

6 Kaiba in the realm of duelists

Kaiba with a gun pointed at him in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi’s next loss is another that he didn’t really lose due to his lack of skill. Instead, he lost because Kaiba threatened to kill himself. Yugi was ready to take down Kaiba, but Kaiba approached the edge of the castle where they were dueling and indicated that he would kill himself if he lost.

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Kaiba did this because just like Yugi was trying to save his grandfather, he was trying to save Mokuba. Still, Kaiba took the victory and went to fight Pegasus, to whom he immediately lost. However, Yugi saves everyone near the end of the season, as expected.

5 Rebecca Hawkins after the duelist kingdom

Rebecca Hawkins Yu-Gi-Oh!  battle

Rebecca and Yugi get into a fight pretty quickly after the Duelist Realm arc ends. She struggles through a misunderstanding, trying to get her father, Arthur Hawkins’ Blue-Eyes White Dragon, back from Yugi’s grandfather. She thinks that Solomon stole it, and quickly realizes that is not the case.

Yugi and Rebecca fight over this issue and it’s incredibly unlikely that they will have the exact same duel as their grandparents years ago, letter by letter. Yugi gives up despite being able to win, and that’s Rebecca’s end until she reappears during the Waking up the dragons arc of the show a little later.

4 Joey in Battle City (sort of)

Joey Yugi Tea Yu-Gi-Oh

Joey and Yugi’s duel during Battle City in which Joey is being mind controlled by Marik counts as a loss to Yugi. He spends the duel not trying to win, but to free Joey from Marik’s control. In the end, she uses a card that makes Joey jump out of her while losing in the process.

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Through some nonsense from the anime, Joey may also lose the duel after Yugi has already lost it, which doesn’t make sense, but technically ends in a draw. So Joey can save them both from drowning with a little help from Serenity of all people.

3 Joey during Battle City (probably)

Yugi Joey Battle City Duel

Joey and Yugi face off at the end of the Battle City arc for the fate of the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Joey only wants Yugi to return the card to him after he can prove that he has earned it.

The result of this duel is never shown, but at the beginning of the Waking up the dragons arc, Joey has returned to using Red-Eyes Black Dragon, indicating that he likely won this duel against Yugi, even if it is never confirmed.

two Rafael in awakening the dragons

Rafael in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi loses to Rafael during the Waking up the dragons bow after using The Seal of Orichalcos. Yugi uses this card after feeling like he’s cornered in a corner, despite Little Yugi’s protests and Dark Magician Girl’s warnings. Atem relents and uses the Seal.

This causes Timaeus to give up on Yugi, and the souls of his monsters are lost with each one he sacrifices. In the end, Atem loses this duel, but manages to keep his soul for Yugi by using the power of the Millennium Puzzle to surrender himself.

1 Little yugi at the ceremonial duel

Yugi Vs Atem Ceremonial Duel Yu-Gi-Oh!

Of course, the final battle on this list is a duel between both versions of Yugi, Atem, and Yugi. Yugi must win this duel to show that he is ready to part ways with Atem. Throughout the duel, Atem fights with all his might, putting into his hand every card he needs to win. Yugi then removes the three Egyptian God and Dark Wizard cards.

Yugi defeats every challenge thrown at him in this duel, proving that he is absolutely ready to stand alone and let Atem rest. This duel was certainly one for all ages, and it was a showdown that fans had been waiting for years. It was certainly worth the wait in the end.

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