10 DC stories to read if you love anime

In the past two decades, the number of anime fans has continued to grow within the United States. Dragon Ball, Sailor moon, Y Naruto They have experienced great popularity outside of their native Japan. Many anime are based on manga, which is the Japanese form of comic books and graphic novels.

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Comics have been popular in the United States for many years. Characters like Superman and Batman have been around for almost a century. Despite the popularity of anime, manga, and comics, there isn’t much overlap with the discussions about them. Many times it seems that comics and anime exist in two separate realities, but there are comic stories that any anime fan would love.

10 New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – Someone is trying to destroy the Teen Titans from within

The comic began publication in 1984 and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. The story served as the first appearance for Joey Wilson, who would later become Jericho. The story also features the first time Dick Grayson appeared as Nightwing.

The Titans began to be attacked by Deathstroke, who aims to assassinate the young heroes. Deathstroke is working with someone within the team to destroy everything. The comic features elements of betrayal, with a story that can be compared to My hero academia and the alleged traitor at school.

9 Superman: Secret Origin – Superman’s story is told from the beginning

Kent Family

Superman: secret origin began its career in 2009, written by Geoff Johns and with illustrations by Gary Frank. The comic goes through key moments in the life of Clark Kent.

The story begins during Clark’s childhood in rural Kansas. He goes through it joining the Daily planet and finally become Superman. The comic sometimes has a sense of life, sometimes similar to Sailor moon as they both try to balance the hero’s life with normal life.

8 Event Leviathan – Batman works with a group to stop the mysterious Leviathan

Leviathan Event was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev and began in 2019. The story revolves around a mystery as several black ops organizations have been dismantled.

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Batman, The Question, Green Arrow and Lois Lane team up to solve the mystery. They followed leads that led to an organization called Leviathan, and they must work together to find out who is behind it. Mystery anime fans like Death Note I would enjoy this comic.

7 JLA: The Nail – Imagining the Justice League in a World Without Superman

JLA the nail

JLA: The nail was an Elseworlds story that began in 1998 by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. The story explores who the Justice League could be if there were no Superman.

After Martha and Jonathan Kent got a flat tire, they failed to discover the orphan alien baby who had recently crashed on Earth. Decades later, the Justice League is struggling to establish a positive relationship with the public. People like Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Oliver Queen oppose them. The story would be popular with Dragon Ball fanatics, as it’s all about heroes’ relationships with the people they protect, and also visiting alternate timelines like Dragon Ball it often does.

6 Superman All-Star – A dying Superman comes to terms with his own morality

Superman All-Star began publication in 2005. The story was written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely and tells the story of a dying Superman.

Superman became overloaded with solar radiation after flying into the sun as well. Superman reveals his secret identity to Lois Lane and decides to spend his remaining time with her. The anime handles the elements of death in a similar way to Naruto. Also like Black butler, the anime tells the story of a tragic hero.

5 Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters – Oliver Queen tries to stop a serial killer

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters began publication in 1987. Mike Grell did the writing and art for the three-issue story that follows Oliver Queen as he moves between cities to be closer to his girlfriend, Dinah Lance.

Try to help capture a serial killer. The killer, dubbed the Seattle Slasher, specifically targeted prostitutes. Green Arrow’s attempts to find the killer could remind fans of Kirito’s attempts to stop the laughing coffin in Sword art online.

4 The Multiversity: two batman try to stop the destruction of the multiverse

a map of the dc multiverse

The Multiversity was a pre-Convergence limited series that began in 2015. The series was written by Grant Morrison and featured by a variety of artists, including Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Ivan Reis, Chris Sprouse, Doug Mahnke, and Karl Story.

The series revolved around Batman of Earth 17 and Batman of Earth 42 as they tried to save the multiverse from the invaders known as Gentry. The two heroes bounce from world to world as they encounter various versions of themselves. The dynamic between the two Batmen is similar to that of the Elric brothers in Fullmetal Alchemist.

3 Dark Nights: Metal – Justice League tries to save a dystopian world

The Last Justice League The Batman Who Laughs Tales From The Dark Multiverse Metal

Dark Nights: Metal began publication in 2017, written by Scott Snyder and with art submitted by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia. The story begins with the Justice League investigating the Dark Multiverse.

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When Batman accidentally opens a portal and is trapped, the world is invaded by people from the Dark Multiverse. The comic is at times dystopian and desperate, feeling similar in tone to anime as Attack on Titan.

two Flashpoint – Barry Allen wakes up in an altered reality

Flash point DC

Flash point was a crossover story that began publication in 2011. The story was written by Geoff Johns and featured illustrations by Andy Kubert. The story revolves around Barry Allen waking up to find that the whole world has changed.

He quickly discovers that the world is spiraling out of control and is headed for a terrible war. Once Barry regained his powers, he had to find a way to restore the world to its original timeline. The story shares some similarities with popular anime, K.

1 Kingdom Come: traditional heroes take a backseat to their younger counterparts

Kingdom come is an Elseworld story that began publication in 1996. The series was written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, and Ross’s artwork in the series received special recognition.

The comic is set in a world that has become dissatisfied with typical heroes. After an antihero named Magog becomes popular, popular heroes become a little less noble. The old heroes are forced to come out of retirement and help the world. The story is tonally similar to anime like Psycho-Pass.

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