Pokémon can be inspired by many different things. Some designs come from mythology and legend, with fantastic creatures appearing throughout each generation. Some, like Audino and Conkeldurr, are Pokémon versions of specific real-life professions. And some, like Vanilluxe and Appletun, are literally bits of food.

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Then there are those Pokémon that are simply everyday objects that come to life. Whether they are key chains, chandeliers, batteries or teapots, these mons are the subject of criticism and acclaim. Many fans consider them inspired, while others think they are simply lazy. However, these skins have been part of Pokémon since the first 150. They won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

10 Charjabug

Charjabug is the pre-evolution of Vikavolt, introduced in Generation VII. It is a dual-type Electric / Bug that ranks as one of the strongest Pokémon in Alola and a staple of many Gen VII teams.

At first glance, Charjabug looks like a battery. And it is indeed a battery, which might suggest a lack of interest on the part of the designers. However, Charjabug’s design also includes elements of the denkimushi, a Japanese caterpillar whose sting feels like a small electric shock.

9 Sunflora

Three Sunflora watering plants in the Pokémon anime

Introduced in Generation II, Sunflora is the evolution of Sunkern and a favorite of Pokémon moms around the world. Sunflora may be one of the cutest types of grass of all time, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is literally a sentient sunflower.

Unlike other Pokémon, whose designs include at least some alteration in their real-life inspiration, Sunflora is as simple as it sounds. It is a sunflower with two legs and a perpetual smile on its face. Many fans consider it one of the worst Pokémon due to its simplicity. However, his cuteness is undeniable.

8 Magnemite


Magnemite is one of the original 150 Pokémon introduced in Generation I. As such, it is a favorite of many Genwunners and generally escapes criticism about its design, although it is as straightforward as it sounds.

The magnemite is a floating magnet with a large eye in the middle. However, like most Pokémon, there is more to its inspiration than meets the eye. Magnemite represents electromagnetism and is one of the oldest Pokémon in existence, as there are 3000-year-old carvings in the Ruins of Alph.

7 Gourgeist


The Pokemon The anime showed a celebration called the Gourgesit Festival, a version of Halloween with a thin veil. People wear Pokémon costumes and swap candy throughout the night. The name comes from Gourgeist, a dual-type Ghost / Grass Pokémon native to the Kalos region.

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Gourgeist itself is inspired by a traditional pumpkin. Their different sizes also refer to the tradition of trying to grow the bulkiest pumpkin for Halloween. Its upper part refers to the candles that illuminate the inside of Jack-o’s lanterns.

6 Elekid

Paul's Elekid using Thunder Punch in Pokémon

Possibly the most angry-looking baby Pokémon, Elekid is another Electric-type whose design is obvious to anyone who sees it.

Elekid is clearly an AC power plug. In addition, its design has no other inspiration behind it. It is simply a plug that comes to life. There is a certain charm to its simplicity, but it’s puzzling that it doesn’t have the same level of hatred as other equally boring Pokémon.

5 Chandelier

Candlestick from the Pokémon series

Despite its seemingly fragile appearance, Chandelure is an excellent and disturbing Pokémon, although it is also one of the strongest in Generation V, in fact. Within the context of the franchise, Chadelure’s fire is capable of burning a person’s spirit.

Chandelure is clearly inspired by a chandelier, something that is made even more apparent by the fact that it apparently resides in dilapidated mansions. It also borrows inspiration from wisps and the idea of ​​haunted mansions.

4 Trubbish and Garbodor

Garbodor, as featured in PKMN Black & White

The Garbodor family gets a lot of of hate. Widely considered two of the worst Pokémon ever created, they are one of the reasons Generation V had such a bad reputation when it first appeared.

Trubbish and Garbodor are rubbish, literally. The first is a small bunny-eared garbage bag, whose name is a combination of “garbage” and “garbage.” The latter is an even larger garbage bag that broke and now has garbage coming out of it. Its name is a combination of the words “trash” and “smell”, which reinforces the Pokémon’s relationship with waste. Garbodor remains controversial to this day, but that didn’t stop him from receiving a Gigantamax form, which was generally very unpopular.

3 Belief and polteageist

pokemon sword and shield sinistea polteageist

Generation VIII took one of the trademarks of their real-life inspiration, the UK’s fondness for tea, to the next level. A Sinistea appears every time a spirit possesses a cup of tea. It then evolves to Polteageist when exposed to one of two elements, be it a broken pot or a chipped pot.

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Both Pokémon have pretty boring designs and even their names are lazy puns. While fans always expected some kind of tea Pokémon in Galar, hardly anyone thought the result would be that literal.

two Klefki

Pokemon Klefki

Perhaps no Pokémon is as memeable as Klefki. A sensitive keychain with a rather mischievous character, he steals the keys he likes and never returns them. Klefki is also quite powerful, despite being the smallest Fairy Pokémon out there.

Klefki’s mischievous tradition is also related to the pagan belief that fairies are treacherous and mischievous. Like the fairies of folklore, Klefki can also be dangerous to Pokémon and humans alike, especially when her precious keys are in danger of being stolen.

1 The many forms of Rotom

Rotom Forms from Pokémon

When it comes to simple designs, Rotom remains undefeated. Depending on its shape, it can be a simple light bulb, a lawn mower, a refrigerator, a stove, a fan, or a washing machine. The idea is original and daring, but the execution ultimately falls short.

Rotom’s original form comes from another Game Freak creation, Pulseman. He is also inspired by various natural phenomena and folklore, such as poltergeists, magical smoke, and the yet inexplicable ball of lightning.

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