10 Questionable Workplace Choices About How I Met Your Mother

As its title suggests, How i met your mother mainly focused on the romantic relationships of the main and supporting characters. But even the heroes of this show had to earn money in some way and had a wide variety of jobs. Ted worked as an architect and teacher, Marshall was a lawyer, Lily was a kindergarten teacher and art consultant, Robin worked for television … and then there was the mysterious work of Barney.

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Most of the characters did well in their chosen lines of work. But not always, and they sometimes made rather questionable decisions in the workplace that anyone should try to avoid.

10 Work an unpaid job

Marshall always wanted to protect the environment, it was his big dream. So when he had the opportunity to work for the Natural Resources Defense Council, he did. The only problem was that the work was unpaid.

In different circumstances, that would not be a problem and volunteering is a noble and worthy endeavor. But at this point, Marshall needed the money. He and Lily had financial problems in the past and were also planning to start a family, which is expensive.

9 Work a job when you hate it

At the same time, Marshall made a mistake by choosing to work for Goliath National Bank. Yes, it was well paid, but Marshall hated working there because he knew his employers weren’t good people.

He also did not get along very well with his co-workers. He got to hang out with his friends, Barney and Ted, but overall, the negatives of working for the GNB far outweighed the positives.

8 Lying to one’s partner

Lily and Marshall argue inside their home in Rome

At one point, Marshall lied to Lily about receiving a job offer. He had the opportunity to work as a judge, which was something he really wanted, but he and Lily were supposed to move to Italy, where Lily was supposed to work.

Marshall did not originally tell Lily about the job offer or the fact that he accepted it. However, in the end he changed his mind and the couple moved to Rome as they were supposed to. Fortunately, Marshall’s lie did not have a serious impact on their relationship and mutual trust.

7 Moving to San Francisco

Like her boyfriend and later husband, Lily made some pretty questionable job decisions. One of them was when she left her job as a kindergarten teacher to attend an art school in San Francisco.

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Lily could have studied art just as easily in New York, but she was determined to go to San Francisco, even though it meant leaving her job, her friends, and Marshall. He quickly realized that it was a mistake, but by then, the damage had already been done.

6 Rob the boss

How i met your mother

Lily meant well when she stole her boss’s baseball. It is true that Druthers was mean and at times downright cruel to his employees. However, stealing his things was not the best way to persuade him to be more polite.

If anything, he did the opposite, as Druthers threatened to start firing people. Lily also risked Ted’s job by stealing from Druthers since Ted was the one who got her the job in the first place.

5 Quit the dream job for love

Robin always preferred his career to his personal relationships. However, when she met her co-worker, Don, and they started dating, she decided to give it a try.

When Robin received an offer to work as a network presenter in Chicago, she turned it down because things were going so well with Don and she didn’t want to leave him. This decision backfired for Robin as when she declined the offer, Don received it and quickly accepted the position.

4 Firing someone over a personal disagreement


Of all the people she knew, Robin hated Patrice the most, despite the fact that Patrice treated her with kindness and wanted to be her friend. Robin reached a low point when she allowed her personal disagreement with Patrice to blind her.

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Patrice was dating Barney at the time, and since Robin was jealous of her, he almost fired Patrice just to get revenge on her. She changed her mind in the end, but Robin was still very unprofessional in letting her jealousy cloud her judgment.

3 Settling for an unsatisfactory job

How i met your mother robin

At one point, Robin almost flinches while working her dream job at Worldwide News and instead becomes the so-called “coin toss dummy,” just because the job was easier and she could wear pretty dresses.

Robin was afraid to take the big step and was therefore willing to settle for an unsatisfying job. Fortunately for her, Ted helped her recover.

two Mixing work and pleasure

Both Barney and Ted are guilty of mixing business and pleasure, which can lead to problems. Ted was willing to risk his new job as an architecture teacher to date student Cindy, even though they barely knew each other.

And the show repeatedly hinted at the fact that Barney used his office at GNB for occasional encounters, which is far from professional behavior.

1 Start a company without a business plan

A picture of Ted sitting at his computer desk in How I Met Your Mother.  He is seen working on some designs.

Ted loves being an architect, but eventually tires of not getting the kind of job he wants. So when he’s fired, he decides to start his own architecture firm.

This could have worked if Ted had had a decent business plan and been much more active in establishing his clientele. Instead, he just sat there and put things off while he waited for the phone to ring. It’s no wonder your company hasn’t succeeded in the long run.

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