10 shojo anime that have nothing to do with romance

Shojo is often closely associated with romance, but there are some shojo anime that focus less on romance and explore other themes.

What are you doing anime So versatile is that the series come in so many different shapes and sizes, and there is basically a show for everyone. It is fascinating to witness the different trends taking over the anime industry and what types of series are becoming more popular. Shojo anime series are programs that specifically target a younger female demographic and it is not unusual for these programs to adopt certain characteristics and stereotypes.

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A lot of shojo series are full of romantic content and a relationship or love triangle may be the main driving force in the story. Romance isn’t for everyone and has put off some of the shojo genre, but there are also some very rewarding shojo series that prioritize totally different material on matters of the heart.

10 Little Witch Academia introduces new Magic users to a world of wonders

Little witch academy

Little witch academy it’s like Harry Potter was established in an all-girls school and embraces the energy and camaraderie that are formed from this special experience. Akko Kagari wants nothing more than to become a witch, but she comes from a non-magical background. His humble nature makes Little witch academy Such a fun experience as Akko finds her voice and becomes an exceptional spellcaster. There are some male characters that seem to have eyes for Akko, but his priority is always on his friends and his witch studies.

9 Hell Girl sheds light on the darkness of humanity

Hell Girl's Ai Enma

Hell girl is a wild change of pace from most shojo series, and works more like a very angry, revenge-driven version of Twilight zone. There’s a anthology-like structure for Hell girl where the female lead helps to get revenge on others by sending them to hell through the unusual system provided by the titular Hell Girl.

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Hell girl he’s consumed by topics like injustice, malice, and suffering, and romance is the last thing he cares about. These are much heavier psychological principles.

8 Yona Of The Dawn chronicles the growth of a princess to become a warrior

The main cast of the anime Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the DawnYona is the princess of a tortured kingdom, and her life of luxury ends abruptly when the emperor dies and she is forced to escape and undertake a life of exile. Yona of the Dawn it’s a survival story and Yona becomes a skilled warrior, even if you still have a bodyguard to depend on. There are hints of romance in Yona of the Dawn, but the larger instances are deactivated so soon and Yona rejects them which makes it clear that this is not where the anime’s interests lie.

7 Laughing under the clouds exchange hugs for swords

Anime Laughing Under The Clouds Brothers

Laughing under the clouds is an anime that takes place in the mid-nineteenth century during the outside the law of the samurai. This dangerous rebellion causes much crime and chaos, all while the government tries to rectify the problem with a massive prison. Laughing under the clouds He follows those who have been tasked with transporting these criminal samurai to their imprisonment and never loses his focus on action and suspense. In fact, it is quite surprising that Laughing under the clouds is considered shojo as it also has a predominantly male cast, but was initially published in shojo magazine, Monthly Comic Avarus.

6 Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon applies a shonen attitude to a Shojo series

It has become a popular trend for older anime series to continue their stories through a sequel series that also doubles as a soft reboot with a cast made up of the next generation. Yashahime: Half Demon Princess is the successor of InuYasha, but it gives the demon fighting anime a cast of three strong female fighters.

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It is interesting how Yashahime turn around By InuYasha ideals with a female cast, but presents them all as independent and powerful warriors and not as characters driven by romance. It’s not a perfect series, but it’s a nice, action-packed change of pace for female audiences.

5 Heartcatch Precure! Set the fairies against the forces of evil

Anime Heartcatch Precure Tsubomi Fairy

Tsubomi Hanasaki is the precocious protagonist in the center of Heartcatch Precure!, a shojo series that also subscribes to the tropes of the magical girl genre. Tsubomi is obsessed with flowers, but her love of nature is put into practice when two fairies transform it into the magical Cure Blossom. As Cure Blossom, Tsubomi battles devastating monsters, attempts to restore order to the world, and develops a deeper understanding of her powers. Many new changes enter Tsubomi’s life, but romance is not one of them.

4 Kaleido Star marks the birth of the next big circus star

It is a common trope in the shojo series that a girl aspire to become an idol, but Kaleido Star applies a unique enough slant to the premise. Sora Naegino is a stunt expert and dreams of performing in the circus instead of being a standard pop idol. Sora’s dream comes closer to reality when he offers him his big break and the chance to reach the acclaimed Kaleido Stage. Kaleido Star focuses on the intense amount of work that Sora puts into his craft. Romance does not arise and Sora is likely to consider it a strange distraction.

3 Animal Yokochou is about the power of imagination

Anime Animal Yokochou Ami-Chan Plush Toys

Yokochou Animal, also know as Alley of animals, is an especially lovable shojo series that may be too young for some audiences, but is still applicable. The central character is the precocious five-year-old Ami-chan, who often handles the chaos left behind by a trio of mischievous people. stuffed animal-like creatures who enter your room through a magic door. There is a little Cat in the hat vibrate here as Ami-chan experiences the madness of these creatures. Yokochou Animal he’s cute and funny at every opportunity and Ami-chan is too young a character to consider romance.

two Sabagebu celebrates community around the school’s most dangerous after-school program

Sabagebu! -Survival game club! – dresses in bright colors and cute character designs, but there’s a surprisingly dark edge to this shojo series. There are endless animes that focus on school clubs, but Sabagebu introduces a Survival Game Club where Momoka, Miou and other girls engage in dangerous battles with other school students. There’s a masochistic streak running through Sabagebu, which somehow fits in with the cheerful demeanor of the characters. In the end, Sabagebu it has more fights and conflicts than romance, which gives the shojo series a great shonen flavor.

1 Tweeny Witches opens Arusu to a new world of magical possibilities

Tweeny witches is a fitting addition to the shojo genre as the series draws heavily on Alice in Wonderland with his fantastic exploration in his magical world of witches. Arusu inadvertently enters a world of witches, fairies, and warlocks. Arusu is paired with Sheila and Eva and this Magical Girl Squad trio set out to fix Arusu’s mess. Tweeny witches has a sweet message that is about believing in yourself and the power of community. There are so many items for Arusu to explore that he just doesn’t have time for a great romance in this new world.

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